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Produced by Mike Martinez Directed by Jon Dorfman and Szymon Weglarski Written by Mike Martinez, Jon Dorfman and Szymon Weglarski Visual FX by HiFi 3D Character Animation by Shayne Ryan, Roger Aasheim, Sam Crees, [More]
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six participations aux championnats de France
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PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2017 * EXTREME SPORTS EDITION * ** AMAZING FOOTAGE ** WITH A KICKASS SOUNDTRACK Please Subscribe if You Would like to see More 🙂 ******************************************************* Compilation of the best extreme sports [More]
This video is a Compilation of some of the very best from Bored Film. Deion Sanders, jerry rice, aj Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, Steph Curry, & Zion Williamson. Each segment highlights an epic moment or [More]
A compilation of the greatest moments in sports from all of 2019: baseball, basketball, football, swimming, soccer, ufc. If you enjoyed the video, please like and subscribe, thanks! I must state that in NO way, [More]
We joined forces with an amazing group of people to create this viral public service announcement (PSA). The original purpose of this film was to raise awareness on the Burmese peoples ongoing peaceful protests against [More]
“VIRΛL” VIRAL is a short that plunges us into the heart of an alternative Paris with a futuristic look. In the basements, two antagonists are preparing to launch a project to become viral. More details [More]
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Margot robbie se lance dans un nouveau défi selfie : le selfie ballet. L’actrice se vante de ses prouesses en matière de danse sur la toile.
buen video de un dia aburrido
WORLD’S BEST SELFIE EVER TAKEN Most Danger selfies of all time The perfect selfies Is this the worlds best selfies ever taken Best selfies in the world Most famous selfies 22 Craziest selfies world records [More]
CCTV issued by Network Rail captures incidents of dangerous behaviour on a rural railway crossing in Derbyshire. Subscribe to Guardian Wires ► Crossing users are seen taking selfies and lying on the track at [More]
danger family photo shoot on water falls of dam side.
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A recent lawsuit blames Snapchat, a messaging app for photos and videos, for a car crash in Atlanta, Georgia that left one man seriously injured. This is the latest in a string of dangerous incidents [More]
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This video looks at how soybean plants affect their soil environment to increase mineral availability, specifically in respect to iron.
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A review of the top 10 key expert opinion recommendations for nutrition support for the critically ill patient with COVID-19. These recommendations should be used to help guide the professional judgement of healthcare professionals, whose [More]
Yoga teacher, jewellery designer and an all-round fitness enthusiast, Cat Meffan is a former gymnast on a mission to inspire a healthy lifestyle in an array of printed leggings. After qualifying in Thailand this summer, [More]
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The Diet Solution Program About Abs The How toGuide For Six Pack Abs The truth is, for most people getting six pack abs is not an easy task because it requires dedication [More]
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Mike dreams of American Beauties in one of our most successful campaigns of 2011. In the latest series of Wheeler Dealers Mike was going to the US to find vintage cars, to buy and turn [More]
Video: Ms. 45, Dance Party Scene. Directed by Abel Ferrara. Music: Angel Dust Dealers
Discovery Channel // Wheeler Dealers Client: Discovery Channel Producer: David Smith Director: Steve Ashbury Envy Team: Grade: Vicki Matich Online / Flame: Jason Farrow Motion Graphics: Matt Lawrence Audio: Dave Williams Post Producer: Pete Burch
Aerial Drone Footage of Porsche 993 filmed for Wheeler Dealers on Discovery UK
Acid Dealers Season 3 Directed : Syahmi Norsan Cam : Syafiq Norsan Syahmi Norsan Gaffer : Syafiq Norsan Edited by : Eddie Edzuan Talent : Choy Art / Concept : Eddie Edzuan
HYUNDAI MOTORS DEALERS CONVENTION AFRICA MIDDLE EAST 2014 Client : HYUNDAI Motors Agency : innocean Directed by : MZworks Date: 2014 Design, Animation, Compositing Tools: Cinema4D, aftereffect
Top 5 2020 Phones Upcoming that will change the game! Samsung Galaxy S11, iPhone 12 Pro 6.7, Galaxy Fold 2, Huawei P40 Pro & More based on current leaks! checkout Alpinebear : International – [More]
Top 5 BEST Smartphones To Buy In 2020! In this video review, these are in my opinion some of the best phones in late 2019 going into 2020! This video is for all budgets, expensive [More]
Cell phone experts David and David tell you about the best cell phones of April 2020. A new Samsung made the list this month! We’re still waiting for the new budget iPhone from Apple, but [More]