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Yoga Nidra Morning Meditation | Yoga with Dr. Melissa West 451 For show notes click on the link above Subscribe Here: Here’s my Website: Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me [More]
Yoga Übungen für starke gesunde Knie, vorgeführt von Ulrike und angeleitet sowie kommentiert von Sukadev. Bei Kniebeschwerden bitte zuerst den Arzt und/oder Heilpraktiker befragen. Meist kann man aber durch kleine bewusste schonende Bewegungen eine Heilung [More]
Die achte vollständige Praxis-Stunde des zehnwöchigen Yoga Vidya Anfängerkurses. Besonderer Schwerpunkt: Energetische und geistige Wirkungen des Yoga. Mit Affirmationen und Chakra-Konzentration. Sukadev und Kerstin leiten dich in dieser 90-minütigen Yogastunde an zu: Anfangsentspannung, Om, Mantra, [More] In this episode of Namaste Yoga we tap into our inner strength and discover our courage through yoga. We begin by becoming aware of the physical strength of our bodies. The practice reflects on [More]
Eine 17-minütige kurze Yoga-Praxis: 1 Runde Kapalabhati, Anuloma Viloma (Wechselatmung), Sonnengruß (Surya Namaskar), Kopfstand gegen die Wand, Vorwärtsbeuge, Kobra, Bogen, Stellung des Kindes, Krähe, kurze Entspannung – Kurzform des Autogenem Trainings. Diese Yogastunde ist ideal, [More]
Yoga meditation 2 Meta Bhavana (lovingkindness meditation) and tonglen (taking and giving). Two traditional Buddhist meditations you can use before or after yoga classes and in yoga retreats.. For more videos, here is the channel [More]
Chakra Yin Yoga with Yin Tonification | Yoga with Melissa 459 For show notes click on the link above Subscribe Here: Here’s my Website: Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me [More]
Yoga has become one of my favourite sports in recent years. These days are strangely quiet. The calm before the storm, it seems. It’s time to focus, to become self-aware. Staying at home means also [More]
Learn how to get into Chakrasana, the Yoga Wheel, No sound just visual. Yoga practitioner Carlotta. Concept, camera Sukadev. Both Yoga Teachers at Yoga Vidya Bad Meinberg, yoga video by visiting the above link
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Watch funny yoga videos to make you laughing and enjoy it.
Client: Revolution Advertising/Elephant Auto Insurance You can save over 42% a year on your auto insurance.
Auto insurance in California? Visit us at now!–381.aspx ITA below // (This film has been recognized as of National Cultural Interest by the Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali) Produced by Luigi and Aurelio de Laurentiis for Filmauro and presented [More]
72 Degrees Episode 1 “Too hot”
These degrees doesn’t guarantee a high lifestyle because people holding them often times don’t have jobs or living in poverty.
A captured stock broker must pay his captor $1 million or be cooked alive in an industrial kiln.
The Game was conceived after a month of physical confinement with my family during quarantine, and it arose out of the accumulation of whacked out emotions we grapple with daily. It’s a game that allows [More]
Your brands growth depends on your finding entertaining ways to compel customers to choose you over your competitors. A branding video provides you with the opportunity to create lasting memories in the minds of the [More]
One of series of six videos for MeYou Health, a Boston-based start-up developing technology to help people live healthier lives. The series explored different aspects of the development of “Community Clash”, an on-line game the [More]
Angela Washko‘s ‘The Game: The Game’ is an immersive installation and platform to experience the first chapter of a video game presenting the practices of several prominent seduction coaches (aka pick-up artists) through the format [More]
“The Galapagos Game” is an interactive multimedia simulation for young science students. Short videos are designed to tell the story of the islands and their ecological challenges between each round of gameplay. This project was [More]
Free Download Music: Energetic and Driving Background Music For Videos & Presentations. ► If you need a license for your project, you can purchase it here: ► Subscribe For More: “Uplifting Rock” [More] video on Video Games Firsts: In 1958 Willy Higgenbotham created the first interactive tennis game.
Shaniqua is feed up with the Russian violence on it’s own people. Here I react to the beat down of Russian punk rock band ‘Pussy Riot’ That sends me in to a rant.
Pernikahan Kahiyang menjadi topik hangat yang banyak diperbincangkan warganet di media sosial. Sebagaimana diketahui, pernikahan putri satu-satunya Presiden Jokowi itu akan dilangsungkan pada Rabu 8 November.
On Wednesday, LinkedIn released a new feature called “Trending Storylines,” which displays curated news stories from editors based on members’ professions, favorite sites, and connections on the website. Dan Roth, LinkedIn’s editor-in-chief, said in a [More]
Your home isn’t ordinary, so why should your window treatments or your decor be? Adrette Window Coverings in Portland, Oregon, creates artisan drapery, shades, bedding, fabric creations, and wood shutters for homeowners. Whether you are [More]
All four EllieDelights nesting with some friends at home… it’s a good way to compare the designs too!
Adrette’s client Debbie describes how custom window treatments designed by Marlys Wiegand helped transform Debbie’s new home, making it cozy, quaint, and more interesting. “Fabric makes the difference”.
Kevin meets Lucie Fairweather and Nat McBride who returned to their home town of Woodbridge in Suffolk to build a new home for themselves and their young family.The widowed mother of two children builds a [More]
main gate designs for home When choosing HomeRestorationDesigns as your house plan designer, you gain access to award-winninghouse building plans, support from a company with a service-oriented approach, and plenty of opportunitiesto customize the best [More]
Inspiring Shipping Container Home Designs
This video shows how the Pemón system of mayú or self-help is the basis of constructing homes in the village of Kavanayén in the Gran Sabana, Venezuela.
El Pebble Beach Concours d Elegance 2015 demostró una vez mas que es uno de los mejores Auto Shows del mundo, donde no solo se revive la historia con la competencia de autos clasicos, sino [More]
Autoproyecto is celebrating 5-years of its Spanish-language broadcast service, which includes on-air automotive information segments and Satellite Media Tours (SMT) from the world’s top car shows.
The Challenge: To bring the essence of the DCH Auto Group to life in a way that shows how truly unique they are in the car dealership world. Our Answer: We hired a graphic designer [More]
sync your TRACE UP device with GO PRO and have some super cool footage of your session. Jonn in SC shows us how cool it can be.
NBC Telemundo’s Un Nuevo Dia, the most watched morning show regardless of language highlights the best of the Chicago Auto Show, with Javier Mota speaking of the shows highlights, things to do, the Genesis GV80, [More]
Next Auto Show New Style Custom Auto Show (2)
Here we interview the head coach of Shaker Baseball.
DOWNLOAD HERE: –––––––––– Baseball Tonight is a comprehensive broadcast package containing everything you need to create any baseball themed show. With 2 separate project modes, you can choose from single-game mode, or highlight mode, [More]
College Station High School Baseball 3A State Champions
WAS IST DER TOD? – Das neunte Gespräch Michael Holtschulte, 36, Cartoonist Was bedeutet der Tod für dich? Wir freuen uns auf deine Beiträge:
On Thursday, October 11, 2018 Emperor Elementary School welcomed world renown artist Lalo Alcaraz in honor of Latino Heritage Month. © – Jerry Jambazian
This week Ministry of Counterculture’s Julia Farrington talked to Zunar about his trial, life in Malasia and the recent government crackdown on freedom of speech. Zunar has been repeatedly targeted for his editorial cartoons that [More]
Betül Yilmaz is drawing the Cartoon Character Dilex for the Feminist Cartoon magazine Bayan Yanı
Kupperman advises having other skills to fall back on since the industry barely rewards talent.