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Give me a smile…. John Barry

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Flowers in nature, filmed and photographed on special locations in and around Hovet, Norway, during spring and early summer 2011.
Music: John Barry
Title: Give me a smile

The video is dedicated to….
…. everybody who is feeling unhappy, depressed, sad, stressed, without inner light. Nature and her flowers and blossoms, speak to them and ask: “Give me a smile…”
The Beauty of Nature is there all the time, for everybody, everywhere, from the smallest little details in flowers and leafs to the most amazing landscapes….. To lift us up. To relax, To sooth pain. To encourage. To bring peace of mind and harmony. To heal the heart. To energize. To make us smile, stand up and follow the own specific interesting unique wonderful and at the same time not easy Path of Life….

John Barry Prendergast, (3 November 1933 — 30 January 2011) was an English film score composer. He is best known for composing 11 James Bond soundtracks and was hugely influential on the musical style of the 007 series, along with the general feeling of the films.
In a career spanning almost 50 years, Barry received numerous awards for his work, including five Academy Awards; two for Born Free, and one each for The Lion in Winter (for which he also won a BAFTA Award), Out of Africa and Dances with Wolves (for which he also won a Grammy Award) and Somewhere in Time (1980) (Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Original Score — Motion Picture).
You can read more on the special page for him in wiki. It has an impressive list of compositions and awards.

“Remembering John Barry”

“Dear John Barry,
Thank you for the wonderful beautiful music in the films I loved the most: “Out of Africa” and “Dances with Wolves”. Your compositions brought me in deep felt emotions, and not “Out of Africa” but “In… Africa”. They made me dance with wolves, and with the Native Indians, connected me with John Dunbar, his life, his fears and with his love for the Indians, for their rights, their humanity, their shining strong natural inbeing, for the way they lived. “John Dunbar”, “Wind in his hair”, “Stands with a Fist”, “Karen Blixen”…. what would they have been without your music? Should we have understood them as we do now?
Thank you.
Your music brought me unforgettable experiences.





The song: “Give me a smile”, with vocals, can be listened here:


Give me a smile / Give me a sense of who I am/
Give me a breath of vanished days / and fires that once blazed within/

Give me a smile / Give me a vast yet private sky/
Give me a light beyond the light/
Where other worlds just might begin…

Cx: Give me the courage / to see how limitless we are/
and not be haunted by the past / the past has passed/

Give me a smile / give me a promise I can touch/
Give me a stillness in my soul / A reason for this earth to spin/
Give me a smile…

cx: repeat
Last verse repeat to end!

John Barry
Don Black
Lyics provided by Corina Brouder


This video, Give me a smile, has been published also on my Etta48 youtube channel.


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