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For more information about this project, or to view our other projects, please visit us at Editorial Cartoons Move into the 21st Century: Kevin “KAL” Kallaugher is the international award winning editorial cartoonist for [More]
Beginning of the portrait of Jean-Jacques Sempé, perhaps the greatest cartoonist of his generation.
In our concluding episode, cartoonist Al Jaffee talks about inventiveness, happy accidents and the birth of the MAD fold-in.
Chiara Clemente’s latest series of short documentaries focuses on the beginning of a creative career when everything seems hopeful and possible. The aptly named “Beginnings: Paris,” delves into the creative process and inspirations of five [More]
Let me tell you guys a story: Ever since I was a kid watching and loving Sam Raimi’s Spider-man movies, I became obsessed with the character. I started drawing Spider-man everywhere on every piece of [More]
An evening with Mohammad Sabaaneh, Palestinian cartoonist and graphic artist, on his new book “White and Black” at Revolution Books NYC on November 16, 2018.
A conversation with Ed Piskor, author/illustrator of a comic about the early days of hacking and phreaking, WIZZYWIG. Piskor’s credits also include collaborations with Harvey Pekar for American Splendor, Macedonia, The Beats, as well as [More]
Video from a Live Talks Los Angeles event featuring two time Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist David Horsey in conversation with artist Robbie Conal. Event was held at Track 16 at Bergamot Station on March 29, 2012. [More]
A type animation about my favourite artist/ illustrator/ cartoonist, Glen Baxter.
Event video for UNIGRAPH Design and Creativity Festival. UNIGRAPH Design and Creativity Festival ’organized by Izmir University of Economics Vocational School was held on 22-23 March 2019 at Izmir University of Economics. In the festival, [More]
Here’s how to supercharge your event: The gapingvoid team was engaged by TechCrunch to create a range of content for the 2012 TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco. Gapingvoid produced original animations to launch each [More]
Trailer for my upcoming 2D short animated film RESCUE. This is my first serious short film ever, done using the (digital) traditional hand-drawn animation method. The film is going to be finished this Summer 2016 [More]
Two Years After the Earthquake: Video journalism merges comics with film to report the surge of homophobia in the aftermath of the earthquake. Last month marked the second anniversary of the earthquake that devastated Haiti [More]
American Cartoonist Eugene Franklin continues his documentary adventure by following Highland Jazz singer and trumpet player Shep Baker on his new found fame and royal tour of Luxembourg. Written and Directed by Andrew Doig All [More]
Celebrity Cartoon Caricatures by Cartoonist UK LeahG
For well over 30 years, (President) Hosni Mubarak has ruled Egypt under martial law for most of that time. On #Jan25, 2011 the Egyptian people had enough (kafayah, ba’a!)This database narrative brings images and sounds [More]
Aerosol Warfare had the honor of hosting Mark Bode for his exhibition “The Masked Lizard Rides Again” on Saturday, January 18th, 2014 in Houston, Texas. The exhibition featured artwork by Mark Bode along with original [More]
Short biography/documentary about Claire Moore, the wife of famed cartoonist Raymond Moore, and her creation of Phantom Forest in St Louis County, Missouri. Music by Dan-O at Check out more of his excellent, free-of-charge [More]
cartoonist who became a star 나 혼자 산다 20191227 ★★★More “I Live Alone” clips are available★★★ WAVVE iMBC
★★★More ‘baejam’ clips are available★★★ iMBC WAVVE
Join us on Nov. 11th at The Cooper Union for a new edition of Bitter Laughter, this year with Female Cartoonists from Latin America & Spain.
Hugo Ramirez à été choisi pour réaliser la belle campagne de publicité pour la FNAC ”J’ai fais la FNAC.” en trois volets pour trois artistes représentant chacun un domaine de la culture populaire : la [More]
Además de hablar sobre mi trabajo y contar algunas experiencias, realizo una caricatura de Tom Waits. Todo documentado por el amigo Emanuel Pascual de Proyecto Erizo.
The College of Dentistry in King Saud University contacted us to produce an awareness video to kids. The video talks about the importance of having healthy teeth, and introduce mouth care tips for children. This [More]
Made in the Animated Arts Department of the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon. A short film by John Summerson and starring comic artist Ross Jackson. Shot in stop-motion at the Pacific Northwest [More]
Lebanese political cartoonists foment debate and connect with a wider audience as a surge of public anger fuels countrywide protests against corruption and the ruling elite.
handsome cartoonist 나 혼자 산다 20200124★★★More “I Live Alone” clips are available★★★ WAVVE iMBC
Retired cartoonist 나 혼자 산다 20200124★★★More “I Live Alone” clips are available★★★ WAVVE iMBC
Crowdfund Stuart’s thought-provoking comics: Stuart McMillen draws public-interest comics about environmental and social issues. He relies on crowdfunding support to do this as his full-time job. Here is a look at a day in [More]
The gang tries to draw Handsome Squidward, Spongegar, and Surprised Patrick. With special guest Butch Hartman (Fairly Odd Parents, Danny Phantom, etc.)! Check out Butch Hartman’s channel at: And Butch Hartman’s Speech Bubble Podcast [More]
Nicole Georges is a cartoonist, writer, animal lover, and illustrator whose life was changed by a visit to a psychic and a phone call to Dr. Laura. Subscribe to our channel for new OPB videos [More]
The gang tries drawing Goku, Vegeta, and Majin Buu from memory. With special guests Ross Draws and Anthony Jones! Check out Ross Draws! Check out Anthony Jones! Follow the Draw-Off Gang! [More]
The gang tries drawing Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash from memory. With special guest – Simpsons animator Mike Atniel ( Follow the Draw-Off Gang! Jackie Lee Kevin McShane Kyra Kupetsky Hae-Joon [More]
The gang tries mashing up more random cartoon characters from The Wheel. What abominations will they create? With special guest – Simpsons animator Mike Atniel! ( ) Follow the Draw-Off Gang! Jackie Lee [More]
A playful portrait of a Cartoonist, Gentleman and Humorist. Terry takes us into his studio and home, in the heart of the Irish countryside, and tells his life story as we venture through the archives [More]
A.F. BRANCO Ask Me Anything – NRN • Right Voice. Right Now RIGHT NOW, NRN Original Series where various members of New Right Network interview the top conservative politicos and people of interest. NRN [More]
in this video you’ll get know how to childrens watch cartoon and some elders also wath cartoon. knowing amazing answer in this video.. of the 2019 Eisner Award for the Best Comics-Related BookPublished in partnership with the Library of Congress, Drawn to Purpose: American Women Illustrators and Cartoonists presents an overarching survey of women in American illustration, [More]
Click Here : delightful celebration of cycling from renowned cartoonist and multiple-bike owner Dave Walker. With over 100 full-page cartoons that give an affectionate take on cycling in all its different forms, featuring cartoons [More]’s a new kid in Derek Fallon’s class. His name is Umberto and he uses a wheelchair. Derek’s family is still fostering Frank the monkey, and Derek thinks it would be great to train Frank [More]
The gang tries drawing Homer, Principal Skinner, and Sexy Flanders from memory. With special guest – Simpsons animator Mike Atniel! ( ) Follow the Draw-Off Gang! Kyra Kupetsky Jackie Lee Kevin McShane [More]
The gang tries mashing up random cartoon characters from The Wheel. What abominations will they create? With special guests Ross Draws and Anthony Jones! Check out Ross Draws! Check out Anthony Jones! [More]
The gang draws suggestions from the Livestream chat. What weirdness will the internet make them come up with? Follow the Draw-Off Gang! Kyra Kupetsky Nick Butera Hae-Joon Lee Cody Walzel Jason [More]
The gang tries drawing Yoshi, Samus, and Wario from memory. With special guests Ross Draws, Anthony Jones, and Stephanie Alexander! Check out Ross Draws! Check out Anthony Jones! Check out Stephanie [More]
The gang competes against the creator of “The Fairly OddParents” and “Danny Phantom,” drawing Doug (from Nickelodeon’s “Doug”), Stimpy (from “Ren & Stimpy”), and Wanda (from “The Fairly OddParents”). With special guest Butch Hartman! Check [More]
The gang tries drawing Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Captain Marvel from memory. How well would -you- do? Follow the Draw-Off Gang! Jackie Lee Kevin McShane Brent Sievers Jason Pierre Hae-Joon Lee [More]
The gang tries your #1 most requested subject – each other. Who do you think captured their partner’s likeness best? With special guest Stephanie Alexander! Follow The Draw-Off Gang! Jackie Lee Kevin [More]
Rick Parker has been drawing “funny pictures” for a long time now. His long career spans both mainstream comic books, underground comics, cartoon strips and books. He has had success in the fine art world [More]
Winner – Runner Up – Best of Show, Best ensemble cast, Best sound recording. Made for the 48 Hour Film Project in Richmond VA – 2018. Make a film from concept to delivery in just [More]
Illustrator and Cartoonist Ian David Marsden draws a live sketch in Mischief Software on his Wacom Cintiq 21UX pen display. more about Mischief here:
Cartoonist Al Jaffee talks about types of creative people, being critical, and kicking the bucket.
Dan Perjovschi is an artist, writer and cartoonist born in 1961 in Sibiu, Romania. Drawing is celebration of freedom: Romanian artist Using the Voigtlander 25mm f.95 lens on the Panasonic GH1 E-mail: Camera: Panasonic [More]
Award-winning graphic artist, cartoonist and writer Rebecca Kraatz gives an illustrated talk about her acclaimed graphic novel Snaps.
title: Someone’s junk is someone else’s treasure. year: 2011 material: Video installation, HD video, Two drawings(9″x12″ each), Palm Fronds, Blanket time: 11 minutes size: Dimension variable Location: PCC Flea Market credit: Created with The Box, [More]
On ambedkar’s birth anniversary, here’s a look at how his attempt to codify Hindu personal laws was perceived by cartoonists at the time.
A Canadian cartoonist was fired from his job after taking shots at Donald Trump and immigration. Sam Seder and the Majority Report crew discuss this. We need your help to keep providing free videos! Support [More]
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TV Natok 2019: Cartoonist | In Bengali: কার্টুনিস্ট | Salha Khanam Nadia, Irfan Sazzad | Script & Directed by Farhad Limon | Produced by NTV | Country: Bangladesh 💙 Make sure to Subscribe to NTV [More]
The gang tries redrawing Tracer, Velma, Linda Belcher, Wilma Flintstone, Finn, and Shrek. Whose new design is best? Credits: Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! GET MORE BUZZFEED: [More]