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Drunk Driving accidents affect far more than just the two drivers. It’s their passengers, their families, their friends, and the community. They leave a whole trail of trauma in their wake. And it’s preventable.
The last tweet made by 20-year-old Kaila Mendoza before the accident read '2 drunk 2 care.' She was later in an accident that killed two people.
Sticking with the Las Cruces theme for a while longer, this installment comes from the archives – prior to the introduction of the Axon Body 2 (and now 3) body worn camera. In this 2017 [More]
This presentation was given at the 2018 Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Global Summit hosted by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. ( Mary G. Leary Professor, The Catholic University of America This talk builds [More]
AM Briefing from for July 26, 2013 The end of another bad week for San Diego’s Mayor Bob Filner. Yesterday four more woman came forward and accused the Mayor of sexual harassment. Retired Admiral [More]
Copyright of Women’s Well Being Initiative (WWBI) at the University of South Carolina. Work created by adolescent girls in a local juvenile arbitration program.
Students at New Germany High recently got an up-close look at the dangers of drunk driving through a mock crash at their school
ESO7CA™ & AROTHROCK7FILMS™ presents: •WayFarer Buscando•® a film by: Fredo Rock™ Released especially for the SmartPhone Media Platform. Film Soundtrack & Extended Trailer available at: Synopsis (Spoiler Alert): A young man takes his journey [More]
The Every 15 Minutes program is a two-day program focusing on high school juniors and seniors, which challenges them to think about drinking, driving, personal safety, the responsibility of making mature decisions and the impact [More]
A Southwestern Ireland county passed a looser drunk-driving law allowing rural drivers to drive drunk.
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Drunk Driving Speaker – Teen Alcohol Use – Texting Driving has touched 70 countries w life-changing messages ( drunk driving speaker – teen alcohol use – texting driving
Suspected of driving under the influence of drunk driving ▷ Playlist for THIS episodes → ▷ More “Section TV”…
Stay up to date on all of A&E’s latest premieres at An officer responds to a call from a concerned citizen who witnessed a man drunk driving. The officer finds the man passed out [More]
Two years after a drunk-driving crash killed the Felipek family, defendant Amber Perera learned her fate. Hillsborough Judge Christopher Sabella took the bench as a packed courtroom hung on his every word. He reminded Perera [More]
AM Briefing from for August 8, 2013 The Amber Alert for a homicide and kidnapping suspect is expanded this morning to Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. 40-year-old James Lee DiMaggio is wanted for the murder [More]
DUI Legal Services | Redmond, WA Before choosing the attorneys for your case, make sure that you read online reviews, as well as ask others you know for referrals. This is a simple way to [More]
Call Me – 248-924-9458 or visit my website: If you or a loved one are facing drunk driving charges in Garden City Michigan, I encourage you read the various articles on this website. I [More]
This distracted driving video was produced by the University of Montevallo for Shelby County, Alabama.
This project was a freelance film that I made for the Indiana Collegiate Emergency Medical Service in March of 2012. The video shows an awareness fair as well as a crash simulation with emergency responders.
More than rum and beer, Martell Cognac has launched in Trinidad and Tobago. But as Juhel Browne Reports, alcohol distributors are doing more to push responsible drinking.
Cruising down Broadway in Capitol Hill on a Saturday night, ending at Dick’s Famous Burgers. Then I walk to the convenient ATM because Dick’s accepts cash only, and head over to the long line populated [More]
Clients: Uber, Mother’s Against Drunk Driving “UBER x MADD” Director: Phillip Montgomery Editor: Christine Wolf
Macomb Township, MI – A pair of Macomb County Sheriffs deputies were pulled over making a drunken driving arrest when their – Sometimes, it’s quite obvious to everyone that a person driving is impaired. The driver swerves all of the road and causes real danger for other vehicles. Most of the time, however, people are [More]
In Grand Island, Nebraska, a man was arrested for driving under the influence. No big deal, right? Well, did I mention his license was suspended? And that he had 100 chickens crammed into his car? [More]
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DUI Law Services | Nevada Before choosing the attorneys for your case, make sure that you read online reviews, as well as ask others you know for referrals. This is a simple way to start [More]
Subscribe: channel: We get #Faulknered with this, the second edition of We Play: Famous Drunk Authors Driving Drunk. Authors love to drink. It’s the safest stereotype in the world. So we thought, should [More]
U.S. actor Chris Pine leaves court in New Zealand to a group of fans awaiting him. The movie and Star Trek star’s pleaded guilty to drunk driving. (SOUNDBITE)(English) UNIDENTIFIED FAN SAYING: “(It’s) kind of a [More]
A Kansas man who survived a horrific car crash in 2015 is still thanking the first responders who saved his life. Jeff Kudlacik survived a March 2015 drunk driving accident which left his car split [More]
Kenneth Copeland Ministries Partners Tom and Tiki Finlayson understand just how difficult, powerful and transformative forgiveness can be. They did the unimaginable when they forgave the drunk driver who killed their 25-year-old son. On July [More]
We decide to go for a joyride after trashing this poor bartenders place. —- ➢Check out my LATEST VIDEO: ➜Want to help support me? Become a Patron!: (Ranks on my Discord server, your [More]
This video contains clips of drunk drivers. Please remember to never drink and drive or else you will end up like these stupid drunk drivers who got what they deserved. From Porsche’s to Mercedes to [More]
Remember to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, & SHARE my videos!! Thanks! An intoxicated driver was filmed causing a major accident in DeKalb, Illinois. The driver was approached by several individuals in an attempt to stop him from [More]
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I reported this story for the Tennessean. I produced this video and wrote a story. Millie Webb was the former president of MADD and was directly affected by drunk driving. The Franklin Police Department in [More]
In 2012 Hazen Union students participated in a mock car crash in which one student hypothetically caused a crash, while driving drunk, that resulted in the death of three other students. This project recreates the [More]
Blue Ribbon, the latest Youngman Films production, is the story of two High School girls whose relationship is changed forever because of a drunk driving accident that takes place at their high school. Blue Ribbon [More]
Class assignment Fall 2014. Drunk driving PSA. Filmed and Edited by: Alex Schlater
For more information, go to LBN’s Emily Collins reports on a New York probation case that seemed to be mishandled, causing major disruption in the life of a woman who was put on probation [More]
AM Briefing from for December 5, 2013 Fast Food workers are protesting today in over 100 cities across the country for higher wages. Organizers say they want the workers to earn at least $15 [More]
Ford Motor Company does not condone or encourage drunk driving, eating ten steaks, having sexual relations with a pregnant woman (unless you got her pregnant), or stabbing anyone for any reason, whether or not you [More]
If you are charged with a Michigan misdemeanor offense in Clarkston, your case will be heard at the 52-2 District Court, which is located at 5850 Lorac Clarkston, MI 48346. If you are charged with [More]
Senior students at Hillsborough High School observe mock car crash that demonstrates the dangers of drunk driving (by Victoria Russo and Sarah Ravitz).
Episode 1.05 Wednesday, May 19, 2010 Written by Amanda Brotchie & Adam Zwar Directed by Amanda Brotchie It’s late Friday night, and the editor is thrilled to hear via the police scanner that prominent businessman [More]
TVC for state body on drunk driving awareness
Forty-one percent of Americans admit to “falling asleep or nodding off” at the wheel, according to AAA. About 100,000 accidents a year are believed to be connected to drowsy driving. But experts warn the numbers [More]
Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving (:15)
ATTENTION: CBS covered this story and interviewed two of the kids on the bus HERE: ALFRED, N.Y. (WIVB) – She was drunk behind the wheel with more than three dozen kids aboard her school [More]
News Update: This is a fair use commentary, The full 10 minute dash cam clip can be found by searching James Harold.
Today’s installment is an exclusive, otherwise-unreported story covering the drunk driving arrest of a Lower Township, New Jersey police lieutenant on April 27, 2018. On that date at approximately 6:28 pm, Lower Township police communications [More]
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TOP 10 INSTANT KARMA MOMENTS FOR DRUNK DRIVERS Uploaded as educational video. Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions. Copyright issue? Send me a message [More]
KARMA FOR DRUNK DRIVING, JUSTICE FOR DRUNK DRIVERS COMPILATION Uploaded as educational video. Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions. Copyright issue? Send me a [More]