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18 thousand jobs are being cut at Deutsche Bank, as the struggling German lender announced a dramatic restructuring that’s expected to cost over $8 billion, one of the biggest overhauls to an investment bank since [More]
After quitting a dead end job, 41 year old Terri Young, a divorced single mother of an 18 year old college bound son relocates for a new beginning. An unexpected encounter leads to the possibility [More]
Each of us lives with insecurity, whether it is the threat of losing a job, physical illness, emotional suffering, divorce, the death of loved ones, our own mortality. In the moments when it feels our [More]
This video How can I find a job? is from the series How To Find A Student Job
Watch more How to Weld videos: So what are some of the jobs or careers that you can pursue with welding skills? Those jobs really run the range. You could operate your own small [More]
See what it’s like to work at Glassdoor. Meet the passionate sales team members who are dedicated to helping people find a job and company they love, and determined to help employers find the perfect [More]
Looking to see which places are the best to find a job? Unemployment is currently lower than it has been in 18 years. Obviously, that means jobs are out there, there’s no time like the [More]
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Get a Job in Canada before you move! Main tips and tricks to help you get a amazing employment opportunities in Canada. Resume Link I promised : Drive for Uber Up to $1000 [More]
Let me help you find your dream animal job! Speaking of help, you can sign up here to try out this video’s sponsor, BetterHelp, for yourself!: In this video I’m going to help you [More]
► Watch the whole episode of #Askgaryvee here: ► Looking for a specific question or answer? Check out my business Search Engine: ► Subscribe to #AskGaryVee Here – — The #AskGaryVee Show [More] There are 1.3 million foreign workers in Singapore, which translates to 1 out of 4 are foreigners in this tiny little tropical island. In this video, I show you how to get a job [More]
What do you do when, after your studies, you want to stay in the Netherlands and find a job? Luckily, there have been more internationals who wondered about the very same thing and many examples [More]
Today I want to give away a very big secret about how to find a job in New Zealand or Australia as an immigrant. This is very helpful information if you are an immigrant looking [More]
Jordan Peterson talks in this video about jobs and IQ levels. He discusses the different kinds of jobs, stress tolerance, hierarchies of competence, weaknesses and strengths, the avg. IQ for various jobs, leisure vs. work, [More]
After my prerendered automotive #projection #mapping I wanted to do an #interactive one. So here is a prototype I built in my spare time to learn more about gesture recognition with the #leapmotion, programmed [More]
SUPPORT HUMANITY.TV ON KICKSTARTER! —- If you get picked up by Cambodian tuk-tuk driver, Lucky, you may never find out he’s the Cambodian national cycling champion. Although Lucky’s something of a local celebrity in [More]
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There’s a difference between qualifications and experience. So, I’m going to ask you, “Are you qualified for this job or are you not qualified?” and then I’m going to ask you, “Are you experienced or [More] Prayer For Getting a Job – Prayer For Finding a Good Job Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to catch all the latest prayers uploaded to the channel! 🙂 You can SUPPORT and PARTNER with [More]
In Chapter 8 of 16 in his 2009 Capture Your Flag interview with host Erik Michielsen, “Start With Why” author Simon Sinek asks why do we choose one job over another and why do we [More]
Hello!!!! OMG.. we are more than 300 now! Thank you soo much for all your support! This week’s video is about how to find a job in Melbourne while you study! =D I hope you [More]
Please be sure to have HD turned on and full screen! Myth is a perilous thing to pursue. It transforms fact into fantasy, and danger into the promise of wealth. Inheritance is a senior thesis [More]
Work It Daily’s free job search resource: Finding a new job is SCARY. Hate your job but too afraid to quit? You’re not alone… Even though you don’t like your job, many people stay [More]
The struggle is REAL trying to find a job after you graduate college, or ANYTIME for the fact! In today’s video I talk about the 5 main problems I have when job hunting! Thank you [More]
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In yesterdays video, we introduced a new chapter here on APS. A man named Remy who has just been released from prison after serving 6 years. This man has been home for less than one [More]
The Amazon forest still harbors many secrets waiting to be discovered. Fortunately, there are people whose job is to find these secrets and bring them to life. Join a group of scientists as they explore [More]
“Music is my drug. Rave is my expression.” Bradley Gunn works the usual 9-5 job but its what he does on his weekends that sets him apart. Spending every waking moment it seems traveling around [More]
Finally finished school and built a reel. Now it’s time to find a job! Nick Guth Music Cred // mixed by me artist: edIT // song: questions & parting shot artist: kraddy // [More]
Job done by TheStudio @Smoke&Mirrors London. Check the final result We used a large range of tools to accomplish the final result: Photoshop, PF Track, Cinema 4D, Maya, Nuke, Flame. Find more about here: [More]
Youth is one of those things that passes you by pretty swiftly if you don’t make the most of it. Before you know what’s going on you’re juggling a job, family and the realization that [More]
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WHAT’S UP GLAM SQUAD ► What’s next for Jayla Koriyan? In this vlog I answer some of your questions…Want a website. Get a free trial of Squarespace at Subscribe and follow my life in [More]
Coach Corey Wayne discusses how to figure out what’s holding you back and what subconscious limiting beliefs are preventing you from finding a good job when it looks and feels like everyone is slamming their [More]
The other day a perfect stranger reached out to me on LinkedIn to see if I’d be willing to meet for coffee – In this video I’ll share a couple effective tactics this person used [More]
Discussing in this video LMIA Process Job Offers AIPP Job Offer Networking Common Job Portals Common Frauds and Scams to avoid Links: Designated Employers in AIPP Nova Scotia: Prince Edward Islands: New Brunswick: [More]
I HATE MY JOB – 5 RESUME TIPS TO FIND A NEW JOB ➡️ Get your brand new, impressive, Top Notch Resume here: ➡️Get private career coaching from Linda here: ➡️ Get your [More]
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In this video from PSFK CONFERENCE NYC, Steve Clayton talk about the drive at Microsoft to embrace what he calls ‘natural user interface’. Clayton, who says his job is to find out what amazing projects [More]
Hi, here comes somes anamorphic tests. These are footage only Well, what is an anamorphic shot? History: “Anamorphic format refers to the cinematography technique of shooting a widescreen picture on standard 35 mm film or [More]
You play TOM, a nice guy that has been transformed into a spider. But on your quest to find a way out of that nightmare and back home, you find out much more than you [More]
Daimon is a troubled man with a criminal past. He has recently been released from jail. His parole officer helps him find a job as a pizza deliverer. Daimon’s friend Brendon helps him to make [More] – Are you looking for student jobs or part time jobs, want to post a job for free or check where you can find a job? GigPanda is a shop for shop marketplace, online [More] – Want to post a job for free or check where you can find a job? Shop for Shop Gigs is a marketplace, micro jobs website and workplace for freelancers and people who want [More]
✔️SUBSCRIBE✔️ Are you interested in finding a new career? Changing your career can be frightening, but you can do it! I’ve done it several times, and in this video, I tell you how to [More]
Ted Karlsson’s debut short film tells the story of Peter who gets fired from his job and on his way home a bucket of water falls on him. Distraught he hurries home only to find [More]
Tobi is somewhat settled into her new life in NYC, now all she has to do is find a job to fund it. Not having any idea how to pursue her dream career as an [More]