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Do you know that we’re changing the world together? The last few months, I’ve become more aware of that than ever! There is a HUGE new demand in my world to start creating the kinder, [More]
This is the Official Trailer of my latest short film “Prince of the Hill” Synopsis: When Alexander goes through a rough time in his life and his attempts to find a job fail, he finally [More]
Footage was filmed in the evening, no image stabilization used (N/A on this Canon lens) and everything was shot hand-held with built-in microphone. Was trying out my new custom picture profile and how the Sony [More]
My new job took me to the financial district too many times a week. There isn’t much to enjoy down in that part of town; geometric sculpture here, geometric painting there and a hell of [More]
NASA monitors Earth’s vital signs from land, air and space with a fleet of satellites and ambitious airborne and ground-based observation campaigns. The International Space Station hosts a variety of payloads and experiments supporting climate [More]
Craftz Berlin studio, established in the beginning of 2008 by Alex Kim aka KIM, is a unique project with extremely creative environment, which we live every day and absolutely crazy about what we do.All of [More]
My Student work 2007 Jury Award Winner , SIGGRAPH 2008 Marcel, the main character of the story, is fed up with acting the malicious guy. By choosing to slam the film set door, he knows [More]
It’s raining here again. Day 24 of quarantine in Los Angeles after the city was hit with coronavirus. I’m sitting here trying to find some words to write about our current situation and I don’t [More] 602-721-5451 Find out how this Learn how to work from home with free audio from a Single mom.
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MY HOW TO MOVE TO AUSTRALIA EBOOK! Thirty pages packed with information on how to get a visa, how to find a job, where to find housing, how the rental market works, and how [More]
Wanna find work in Germany? All the information you need on your German job hunt right here in this video! Find Arbeit and Get Germanized! —————————————– Useful Links: Bundesagentur für Arbeit: ZAV: Eures: [More]
In this video, I share tips on how to find an English-speaking job in Germany in 2020. I also address what companies are hiring and how you can increase your chances of landing a job! [More]
How To Find A Job In The Coronavirus Recession – 6 COVID-19 Job Search Tips ❤ ULTIMATE KICKSTARTER BUNDLE FOR JOB SEEKERS: ❤ FREE LIVE VIRTUAL EVENT – Tuesday May 5th at 12pm Eastern [More]
Our Tribute to all the artists . Credits: Andre Luis ( Production ) Victor Hugo ( Concept, 3D , Animation, Post Production ) Scott Ross (Voice Over ) João Leitão ( Script ) Pedro Marques [More]
What do you get when you mix the creative mind of an artist and a plain white Ford Galaxie sitting in the driveway? Watch and see… A short film on Ryan Ford of Kustom Linez [More]
There is no CG, only cut-edit and a bit of clean-up. Motion control, two sets-transformers, six re-dresses. The main story and the exit into another reality were shoot by “one frame effect” – it was [More]
Finding the right team for your project can sometime be a complex and time consuming process. Let us do the hard work for you. We’ll find the right people at the right budget. Post your [More]
At the end of the contest at Day 2 of the Billabong Pipe Masters, Pipeline Specialist Jamie O’Brien took his WaveJet out to get a ‘little one’…..and ended up in a perfect Pipe barrel….what will [More]
meploy | Helping you find a job!
Topten Techniques To Find a Job Get Ahead In Life! Life getting you down? In debt over your head? Get ahead in life by setting some easy measures set up. Getting into debt is simple. Becoming outside of it can [More]
Here are five tips to make finding a job a lot easier! One, job seekers should make sure their LinkedIn profile is easy to access by employers. They should do a quick update, add a [More]
View Latest posted job listings on job banks, job search engine sites and job directories. Use
Machines have taken over so many human jobs. In this short, motion graphic animation, the main character wants to take some of those jobs back, to go inside the machines, live among them and find [More]
‘What happens when 3 south europeans travel far for a job’ Directed & Post production Julien Plusbeau Screenplay J.Plusbeau (with J.Rall, V.Verdian & E.Brandi) Camera Pere Barbaric Filmscore Konstantinos Gerodimos Cast Enzo Brandi, Anna Kuntsevich, [More]
They say boys will be boys, but that has never been a problem in the boardroom at Bosons, Milford and Mannery, where the boys in high finance might have a few laughs, but won’t let [More]
Episode 1 of 6 from a series of videos for the Guardian website. Featuring agony aunt, Philippa Perry. Jesse, a client of Ken Rubin’s Interviewing To Win training describes his job search and how the training impacted his life.
Learn what made CEOs and other prominent figures to find a job and earn extra money. Also, learn the easiest way to earn $450 a day with low start up cost
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It’s a growing problem. Lets do something about it. *Subscribe and like if you want- this is won’t be my last video- I’m determined to spread awareness*
If you’re trying to find a job, the best place to start is with your network—everyone you know! In this video I’ll show you exactly how to build your network and use networking skills to [More]
Indeed Live is a weekly livestream that provides resources and information on searching for a job during COVID-19. This week, Abbey Carlton, Indeed’s Director of Social Impact, discusses advice, resources and community conversations to address [More]
hello loveliesss! now that i am a single mother, i wanted to find a job to provide for my kids! reminder: this is a ROLEPLAY moody: sami: ☆.。.:*roblox name.。.:*☆ itsakeila (unfortunately i cannot [More]
A haunting short film, part of an anthology of cinematic odes to the NYC subway. “Saturday Night Subway Ride” Northbound, we make strides entering an air lock, a hot spot for a better life, friends [More]
I was asking myself if the Angenieux 17-68 f/2.2 zoom lens is truly parfocal when using the ciecio7 c-mount to m4/3 adapter (which I highly recommend over cheap noname adapters). To find out I attached [More]
These days you rarely find someone who hasn’t been part of at least one attempt to adopt Agile. However, few of those same people will tell you they are part of an ongoing, successful Agile [More]
This film explores the practice, the methods and the need for habitat restoration in British Columbia’s temperate rainforest’s. At Central Westcoast Forest Society, we see a clear connection between healthy landscapes and healthy communities. Our [More]
My day job is to install time-lapse cameras all over the UK, so I have been itching to try out some time-lapse for myself. I know melting ice cubes isn’t exactly cutting edge but it’s [More]
A series begun in the fall of 2008. Visit to find out more. Series Summary: A wife, a car, a job, a couple of kids, a fence and a mortgage… This is the resumé [More]
Mr Inappropriate Tries Out Doing A Few Jobs But He Keeps Getting Sacked.
Shopkins: Prommy finds a job
Don’t Find A Job, Find Career AlignmentBusiness Today – Business TodayCareer Workshop with Pulin Sanghvi, Executive Director, Princeton Career Services
Don’t Find A Job, Find Career AlignmentBusiness Today – Business TodayCareer Workshop with Pulin Sanghvi, Executive Director, Princeton Career Services
#malta work permit # Malta PR i am not an agent and am not doing any kind of paid services wish to talk …. Join our abroad community and you can chat with me personally… [More]
Former refugees will give you tips & tricks about how to find a job in the Netherlands as a refugee. They will tell you if you need education, how to find a course to learn [More]
3 ways to find a meaningful job, or find purpose in the job you already have New videos DAILY: Join Big Think Edge for exclusive video lessons from top thinkers and doers: ———————————————————————————- [More]
HOW TO FIND A JOB WHEN YOU’RE UNEMPLOYED ➡️ 🌟Watch my FREE Interview Strategy Workshop here: 🌟 ➡️ 🌟Watch my FREE Resume Mastery Workshop here: 🌟 ➡️ Get private career coaching from Linda [More]
Design Academy Eindhoven | Graduation Project | Joey Dogge INDONESIA INSPIRED SPACE SAVING FURNITURE Many people adapt their lifestyle and trade their spacious home for a more affordable option: living small. Others find ‘living small’ [More] The second film by 18% Productions, ¿Qué? is a spectactular and ridiculous dark comedy inspired by classics such as The Evil Dead and The Princess Bride. While Waiting for work, day laborers Ramón (Sean [More]
This video is shows a new workflow tool I’ve developed for a recent project. In reality we used a real green screen setup and captured actual people. I don’t have the footage from the project [More]
“An old warrior tells his version of Ethir’s history and speaks of hope for a better future.” This animatic is my last freelance job, I was given a speech and references for the fantasy world [More]