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This is my work for the final project of university (Yuan Ze University in Taiwan) which was created in 2010. I worked with Ching-Yu CHEN, Hui-Ying WANG, I-Hsuan LAI and PEI-Ching WU. It was awarded [More]
GUEST: Michelle Surka, advocate with the US Public Interest Research Group. BACKGROUND: As if you needed more reasons to be suspicious and contemptuous of corporate America, a new report will make your blood boil. The [More]
Congrats to 3 members of our Tribe proving more of us will keep winning. Ronie Benck is the new Tech Ops Manager at CBS News – Ben Karson is the new VP of Development at [More]
A quick fantasy piece incorporating Ubisoft/IC: Maddox’s “Cliffs of Dover” computer simulation of the 1940’s Battle of Britain and green screen techniques with the author and his pet Sheltie pup, Riley. Greenscreen video shot with [More]
Jimmy is a young man who has overcome the loss of vision and the extreme depression that came after. Now a hammock weaver in Granada, Nicaragua, he is content with his life and has become [More]
My demoreel on character animation up to present, highlighting some of my professional, freelance and personal project. Please check out my showreel to find out more jobs I’ve done. Responsible for all animation unless noted. [More]
You, Mom, & The Cowboy-105 m.  Dir. Yusuke Inaba. 2010.  A moody story about a young man name George, who works at a wholesale market.  His life consists of routine works at the market, hanging out [More]
Check out more videos and find out more about WordBoard at _______________________ MUSIC: “No Retreat, No Surrender” by Audiomachine, composed by Harry Lightfoot (,%20no%20surrender) _______________________ FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: _______________________ **LEGAL DISCLAIMER** [More] to start a legitimate HOME-BASED JOB or BUSINESS? Ready to finally WORK FROM HOME with flexible hours in your own good time?Do you NEED A JOB right now?Maybe you are a new Mom and [More]
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Quick tips on where to find independent contractors jobs Craigslist Google networking..
Ladyboys — are a fixture in Thai society. These performers do at night what many of them do all day long — dress up and act like women. In fact, it’s quite common in Thailand [More]
Gain a wealth of information, inspiration, and know-how on moving your artistic career forward from one of the most successful illustration agents in the industry! I Just Like to Make Things is a dazzling, colorful [More]
It was truly a pleasure to partner with Real Estate With Heart on the creation of their new branding video. It isn’t often that you find an entire team of people with genuine passion for [More]
Award: • Aniwow! 2010: Outstanding Art work nominated in the category of VFX: Best Motion Graphics Design Award Bizlink is a company that helps PWDS(Person with Disablities) find jobs, and train them up for it. [More]
I met Ray in Ottawa, Canada. He is traveling Canada working day jobs and sleeping on the streets. Ray wasn’t finding enough work to survive in Edmonton so, since he was going to be broke [More]
Meet Edythe Boone, a 75-year old African American artist, educator, activist and great-grandmother. A portrait of a Bay Area legend best known for her work on the iconic San Francisco Women’s Building mural “MaestraPeace” , [More]
Bicimaximo is a social enterprise with a heart of a non-profit organization. With a passion for bicycles, Baker Nicholaou – the director and co-founder of Bicicmaximo – traveled from the United States to Nicaragua to [More]
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How to find a job in Canada in 30 days? – I found a job in Canada in 30 days and let me tell you – No one will struggle to survive, CANADA IS FULL [More]
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What’s up Ketchup! In this video, I enumerated some things that you need to prepare to apply for a job in Australia. I also added here some places and portals where you can actually apply [More]
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Donate to this project today!: The Domino Effect is a feature length documentary film that explores the process of real estate development in New York City and digs deep to uncover the complex networks of [More]
Just like the small world of Hollywood movies, the graph data you store is a mine of information. We’ll see how Linkurious helps you explore your Neo4j database to find valuable insights. Speakers: Sébastien Heymann, [More]
A documentary of 15 Creighton students who spent 4 months exploring their passions and career interests. Finding the courage to get out and explore, this film is a collection of interviews with individuals who love [More]
Due to current and growing shortage of qualified IT professionals, it has never been more important to diversify the ranks of your employees. With the forecast of 40% unfilled IT jobs by 2018, this is [More]
This is a 16-minute documentary film about controveries around turning Philadelphia into a so-called “energy hub”, a term first used by oil and gas companies 3 years ago to boost fossil fuel production in the [More]
I hope you enjoy watching my new reel. There’s a lot of jobs here from 2013 to 2019. I’m a 3d generalist but I like character animation more. And I use Blender as my main [More]
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Finding a job as a fresher in Qatar is not easy but possible. There are many entry level jobs that one can take advantage of. Using recruitment agencies in Qatar or abroad to find jobs [More]
In this video I covered: – Explanation about the part-time job system in Japan, how much part-time workers are normally paid – How to find part-time job information in Japan – How to apply for [More]
👉In this video, Zane asked Londoners – “How To Find A Job In London? Top 3 Tips To Find a JOB? “ Moving to London soon? Or searching for a new job? Whether you are [More]
This video is the first chapter of the documentary called “Forced Out”. It shows a wide range of plans for students who do not have the American citizenship (OPT, H1-B Visa, Graduate School, Green Card [More]
SULUKULE ÇOCUK SANAT ATÖLYESİ Sulukule Çocuk Sanat Atölyesi, mahallenin kentsel yenileme projesi sebebiyle yıkılmasının ve orada yaşayanların dağılmasının ardından; mahallenin müzik bilgi ve birikimini, çocukların müziğe olan ilgi ve yeteneğini yaşatabilmek; gençlerin birlikteliğini sürdürebilmek için, [More]
‘10 Blocks’ represents the distance of several low-income housing communities in Washington, DC to the US Capitol building, a symbol of our country’s prosperity. As the capitol of our country, DC should stand as a [More]
Always searching for new places to dive in! This time we’re in Moregallo on Como Lake, a dive site where you can find a lot of car wrecks under a vertical rock wall that starts [More]
POWERING NAMUWONGO (2015) Nominated for Best Documentary at the Uganda Film Festival, 2016 Kampala is experiencing rapid urbanisation and resulting transformation with over two million people now living in Uganda’s capital city. Many of these [More]
The Americas is a diverse place. Here you can find jungle villages, rustic towns, beautiful beaches, gated communities, and global cities. Tribal people live in hard-to-reach places, but many are moving to live in the [More]
34676 Exploring emotional intelligence and creativity have become an absolute in today’s organizations and personality dispositions for its study is a rare endeavor. The present study’s aim was to find out whether emotional intelligence and [More]
We find ourselfs just running, running from different jobs,relationships,people,situations and running from life, this expresses going through different planes of existence searching for a home but at the same time discovering a journey that only [More]
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OLCF Computational Scientist Bronson Messer covers how to use and link scientific libraries with applications running on Titan. Using screen capture, he walks through the steps of generating an executable that uses the hdf5 I/O [More]
After Nepal, Singapore, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, we finally arrived in Cambodia – the last country on our itinerary and the place were we were hoping to find jobs and settle down for a year [More]
People are moving to western North Dakota to start a new life and find jobs in the Bakken Oil Region. The Bakken Oil Rush Ministry is reaching out to people to meet their spiritual, emotional [More]
Join Val Guin at the June 18, 2013 Tools for Touch™ CE Massage Webinar as she shares how correct body mechanics + proper tool usage = the foundation for a healthy, happy career. Choose the [More]
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