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In this movie we filmed at our Designed in Hackney Day, design duo Something & Son talk about keeping chickens in east London buildings and making tea with heat from compost heaps. In the movie, [More]
What is the blockchain and how might it be relevant to emerging business models? How does the blockchain case reveal the principles and practices around values such as decentralization, transparency and security that have been [More]
Wolf Humanities Center’s 2018-19 Forum on Stuff October 10, 2018 Ilse Crawford World-renowned Interior Designer, Studioilse Renowned furniture and interior designer Ilse Crawford describes her practice as “creating environments where humans feel comfortable; public spaces [More]
This is a promotional video put together by our clients, Jin Ma Media group about the Hakka Culture Performing Arts Center we are designing in Yongding, China. Yongding is a UNESCO World Heritage site in [More]
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Country Lane Homes has already done all of the hard thinking for you and will also do all of the hard work for you. Being the high quality custom home builder that they are Country [More]
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Make life more easier now by just saying a single command using alexa base home automation The great thing about smart plugs is that they can help make all the dumb appliances in your home [More]
Great Space Saving Ideas | and Ingenious Home Designs ▶ 2 ! 🔗My Second Channel :🔗 Space Saving Ideas by Amazon : #SpaceSaving #SmartFuniture #FutureTech This list of clever space-saving products that we’ve [More]
Download Free Home Plan – Today My Plan 11x9m Small House design this plan i have Create high-quality 2D & 3D Floor Plan.At the starting to video i have draw the small home [More]
Latest small home front elevations and independent 3d house designs for single floor houses, also budget houses. ——————————————————————————- Find the best modern home design ideas & inspiration to match your style. Watch through images of [More]
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Everywhere you look, people are creating amazing new innovative designs. They are using technology to maximize space and save money. They are integrating nature into design like never before. People want to feel connected, unique [More]
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ProductTank March focused on the role of psychology in developing and managing products. Dr Dan Lockton discusses the importance of ‘understanding understanding’ in design for behaviour change. This video sets out how people make sense [More]
Our Member, Jane Robertson Designs was born from the desire to create something functional from things that we love and have a story to tell. Knitted home accessories, reclaimed furniture and lights made from salvage, [More]
Two new Remo drum head designs are introduced on Drum Talk TV when Chris Wakelin of Remo joins Andrew McAuley in our NAMM 2014 coverage: The Black Ebony Emperor and the “Silent Stroke,” made for [More]
How much water do you use up every day? Small change in water using everyday habit can be a crucial to save water or waste water. By filling out simple surveys, you can get a [More]
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CXI Conference 2019 7. June 2019 FOMO is a live web-tv broadcast, a concept and the brainchild of Pontus Djanaieff and Jonas Kleerup. The idea is built around the emotional turmoil of missing out on [More]
Get your brown nail polish ready! We’re gonna draw leaves today! A chic nail art design for this FallFor Instagram : more models:
A super-easy way of dotticure nail art without any tool!❤For Instagram: more models:
Nail Art Design for Autumn, how to use glitter?For Instagram: more autumn models: more nail art designs:
Hello everyone in this video I’m going to show you an idea i have for shipping container house design. I use “Shipping Container Home Design Software” here is link from where u can download it [More]
Have you been a victim of any of these mistakes?? If you have, hopefully now you have an idea on how to fix them and have some fun weekend projects ahead of you! If you [More]
5 Most Beautiful House Designs with Layout and Estimated Cost No doubt, Pinoy eplans is one of best in the Philippines in terms of making a beautiful design of houses. Whether it is a double [More]
This ultra modern tiny house on wheels is truly something to behold. With it’s jet black exterior, super clever design and incredibly high quality of craftsmanship, this tiny home is sure to blow your mind. [More]
Shot by Sanjith seetharam.
Completely unique and ultra luxurious home interior designed by 1.61 London showcasing Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors. For more details check out The property sits off Park Lane & Oxford Street in London. The home [More]
this video is sponsored by squarespace. for 10% off your first purchase, go to and use offer code jennymustard at checkout. ___ link to house: solo pezo part of the boutiquehomes collection: ___ [More]
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Here are ten smartly houseboats, and floating home designs, ready for the water lover to move in. People seeking unique designer type homes don’t have to limit themselves to finding that perfect plot of land [More]
Discover the Top 10 interior design and decor trends of 2019 in this must-watch guide to decor your home. D.Signers reveals what’s trending in interior design, colors, furniture, metals, nature, textures, materials, styles and ideas [More]
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Home Style Moda – Kitchen designs !! Latest Modular kitchen designs
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Modern Home Designs & Dining room designs for small spaces Come find the home plan of your dreams at Dream Home Designs Architects. Since our founding in 2017,we’ve been revolutionizing the home-building industry with floor [More]
nail art designs video | nail art designs step by step at home tutorial
Interior Designs: An Adult Coloring Book with Inspirational Home Designs, Fun Room Ideas, and Beautifully Decorated Houses for Relaxationnone click here
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Fave team members have the honor to grow and learn many things from one of Indonesia’s City of Creative. In the way to emerge themselves as a creative city, we opened our eyes to the [More]
HOSTED By Natalie Hayllar of Eat Read Love | STYLING & FLOWERS by Lisa Madigan | PHOTOS by Luisa Brimble | CATERING by Mario’s Kitchen | CHAMPAGNE by The Champagne Bureau of Australia | SEAFOOD [More]
A Documentary “Seems True – A ten year journey” is not only a documentary. It is the story of a decennial itinerary which has led four Italian artists to take on walls and galleries [More]
United State of Indiana was founded in early 2011 and exists for a simple purpose: to celebrate the state we call home. Well aware that this state will never have the tallest buildings or most [More]
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Easy nail designs for beginners to do at home – Cute Nail designs DIY nail designs tutorial Easy nail designs for beginners to do at home – Cute Nail designs DIY nail designs tutorial Easy [More]
Easy nail designs for beginners to do at home – Cute Nail designs DIY nail designs tutorial Easy nail designs for beginners to do at home – Cute Nail designs DIY nail designs tutorial Easy [More]
Easy nail designs for beginners to do at home – Cute Nail designs DIY nail designs tutorial Easy nail designs for beginners to do at home – Cute Nail designs DIY nail designs tutorial Easy [More]
SUBSCRIBE to Pulte: The Summerwood floor plan features the newest in modern home design. This Ranch house design starts at 1863 sq. ft and features 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. Explore more of our [More]
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A Design Sprint is an intensive, 5 day, visual boot camp that focused around a design problem. It’s a compressed version of a user-centered design cycle that might normally take companies a couple months compressed [More]
An architect, experiential designer, artist and innovator. A former architectural student who trained under Foster + Partners before moving onto the much heralded studio ‘Imagination’ and later in 2001 establishing Jason Bruges Studio, the home [More]
While traveling through Thailand, we discovered the Jesada Technik Museum in a small town outside of Bangkok. Home to over 500 vehicles including double-decker buses, airplanes, helicopters and scooters, the museum’s most unique attraction is [More]
Bethany Koby and Daniel Hirshmann of Technology Will Save Us explain how their DIY technology kits and workshops help people “understand what goes into the stuff in our lives” in the penultimate movie filmed at [More]
Interior Design! Subscribe – 29+ Best Tiny Houses, Design Ideas for Small Homes Music: Country and Folk, SP; YouTube Audio Library – RunmanReCords Design Best Beautiful Tiny Homes
Open House Tour 79: It’s home sweet home at Springfield Pointe in Bloomingdale, IL. Enjoy the decorating and design of North Mark Home’s new model home. They offer 6 different home plans with 3 to [More]