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It seems that there is a stigma behind community colleges. Let’s discuss what it would like for you to go to a junior college vs going straight into a nursing program. Go watch these videos: [More]
Learn more about our Nursing program here: A Nursing School that gives its students individual attention AND helps them get their careers started quickly, Herzing could be the best decision you ever make. ➡️Follow [More]
TOO OLD FOR NURSING OR NP SCHOOL? Are you asking yourself this question? In today’s video we will talk about some questions to ask yourself to find the answer, as well as discussing some definite [More]
YOU GUYS THIS IS SO EXCITING FOR ME I’m so sorry but not sorry for my complete lack of chill in this video but my heart is exploding of excitement!!! I was just way to [More]
Join us today to learning everything you need to know about online nursing programs. Nurse Nacole gives us her personal tips on how to be successful in an online nursing program. Learn about how clinicals [More]
Hi guys, sorry it has been a minute, but this video is here to answer any questions about a private, accelerated nursing program. I speak solely on my experience at my campus. If you have [More]
I’m currently a 4th year Nursing student in Los Angeles! 🙂 Comment any questions you have below, and please subscribe ♥ __________ Filming Equipment: • Canon 80D: ____ social ♥ Instagram: Amazon: [More]
These are a few of the frequently asked questions I get from students who are entering nursing school and are thinking about going the accelerated route. I hope this video is helpful!! If you have [More]
When you make out your nursing school course schedule for the semester, it’s important to have a mixture of “hard” and “easy” classes. By diversifying your schedule, you’ll prevent burnout and increase your odds of [More]
Click to download Nursing Programs 2002-2003, 8th ed (Nursing Programs, 8th ed) PDF READ Ebook
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Accelerated Nursing School: Hello everyone! Hope you enjoy this video!!! Dont forget to subscribe!!! If you want me to do study techniques then comment it down below!!! Also for daily updates you can follow my [More]
I know many of you have been wanting to know what my grades looked like before applying to nursing school so here they are. INSTAGRAM: EMAIL: Learn the nursing school requirements and the easiest nursing schools to get into with high acceptance rates. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Florida, California, Texas, New York, or wherever. This little nursing advice [More]
Filmed during employment as videographer for USF College of Nursing. Credits: Photography, editing, color, sound, music composition. Equipment: Canon 5D, Sennheiser EW 122-p G3 Cardioid Lavalier Wireless System Programs: Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Speedgrade, Bridge [More]
Delivered at Convocation for the College of Nursing and Health Innovation, Arizona State University, December 15 2015, Phoenix Convention Center. (text of speech) Good morning, my name is Julie Longo and I am so honored [More]
Patricia Schroeder, Alverno College’s Dean of the School of Nursing from 2010-14, talks about the Alverno Nursing program’s role in modern health care.
Nursing students explain their experience and perspective on studying at Calvin (filmed by nursing students).
RIBN provides an economically feasible educational pathway between community colleges and universities for more North Carolina nursing students to achieve a baccalaureate (BSN) degree. For more information about RIBN, visit #nursing #nursingstudent #studentnurse #ribn
The American Nurses Credentialing Center, a subsidiary of the American Nurses Association, asked Planet Nutshell to explain the importance of validating nursing skills training programs. And, hey! This video does precisely that.
Click to download Nursing Programs 2002-2003, 8th ed (Nursing Programs, 8th ed) Ebook Full
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This video discusses how to apply to the best nursing school. When choosing the right nursing program you want to look at nursing school accreditation status, job placement rates, NCLEX pass rates, and clinical site [More]
Animal Adventure Park’s April & Oliver Giraffe Cam & Chat Morning Check: 7:45/8:00 am eastern Evening Check: 7:30 pm eastern Updates from Evening Checks will be shared on our Facebook page, after the check is [More]
Wonderful 30 min daily yoga practice for women with pelvic floor issues. Focus is on lowering stress levels and returning muscle tone in the lower body and pelvis to normal function. Diagnoses of incontinence, pain [More]
KIIS ( offers Nursing and Public Health students an opportunity to experience and learn about the health care system in Merida, Mexico during a month-long summer study abroad program.
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52 Programs That Pop: A year of fun programming for senior adults in nursing homes, adult daycare, and church groups, Read Here :
Click Here 52 Programs That Pop: A year of fun programming for senior adults in nursing homes, adult daycare, and church groups,
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The scrub top was a gift and is not the one i wear to school! The binders and dividers came from walmart The headband is lululemon I am earning my BSN I N S T [More]
They’re the faces that keep you calm when you have to come to the hospital. “We try to be there for the patients, so we need to bring our best to the bedside,” said Erica [More]
Bring your own device (BYOD) programs are well established for physicians: Nearly 90 percent of doctors have the option to participate in BYOD programs at their organizations according to Spok’s Fifth Annual Mobility Strategies in [More]
Catherine Heinlein, EdD, RN, RDN, CDE, is an associate professor in Azusa Pacific University’s School of Nursing, and also serves as associate director of APU’s Neighborhood Wellness Center in Azusa. Using her degrees in leadership, [More]
Nurturing 30 minute yoga practice for people experiencing cancer or post cancer. Stress reducing series, mostly on the floor. Calming breathing techniques. Filmed in beautiful Aspen Colorado with alpha wave inducing music. Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider [More]
Enjoy the serenity of the beautiful settings as you get a Total body workout. Yoga training/practice series. Five 1-hour yoga classes to use through the week for a thorough total workout. Designed for Beginners-Advanced. Purpose: [More]
You can help shape the next generation of health care providers. If you’re interested in becoming a clinical preceptor, contact the Briar Cliff University nurse practitioner program or learn more at
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You asked? We answered. 💗 💗 Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | ▸ ▸ SUBSCRIBE FOR WEEKLY VIDEOS! ▸ ▸ Instagram | // PREVIOUS VIDEOS \\ Not Everyone Will [More]
OPEN FOR MORE INFO & WATCH IN HD ♡ Hello Everyone, Thanks for watching! In todays video, I cover simple tips and advice as well as information I wish I knew before starting nursing school. [More]
BE SURE TO CHANGE VIDEO QUALITY TO 720 + Hey guys and welcome to my channel. In this video, I will be sharing all the things that I think you should know before making that [More]
This video discusses the prerequisites for nursing school and what are the requirements to get into a nursing program. In addition, I talk about the GPA requirements for nursing school, what classes you take in [More]
this video’s all over the placeeee. i guess i just want to start documenting the little events happening here and there from now on
I wanted to address a popular question I get asked alot: can you work and go to nursing school??? Stay tuned for what I think about working and going to nursing school.. Connect with me [More]
Nursing school is hard enough, but not preparing your life for this huge journey adds even more stress to an already demanding education. YOU can be a Nurse! I’m starting this web series to help [More]