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These nurse sharks where accustomed to divers, they came very close and sometimes even pushed me aside. Contrary to us divers they had absolutely no problem with the really strong current. It almost looks like [More]
DSCC Nurse Pinning Ceremony on May 7, 2016 at 10:00am at the E.H. Lannom, Jr., Gymnasium
Midway through the whale season here in Ha’apai, so far it’s been incredible with lots of familiar whales returning to the nursing grounds with new babies.
This animated video was developed by the Centre for Nursing and Health Studies at Athabasca University in Alberta, Canada. It explains the basics of plagiarism and APA formatting in an entertaining way. Created by Adrienne [More]
Så här kan det se ut när jag ammar min 1,5-åring utomhus i bärsele, vintertid.
Så här kan det se ut att amma en 1,5-åring. Nursing my 1,5 year old around Christmas time.
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What are some problems you face during your shift? I think it’s crazy that no matter where you live or work, we face some of the exact same issues!! LOL. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to [More]
Hey guys! So I recorded this video a second time because the first one looked like trash. Hope you all enjoy!
“It’s a relationship dead-end” Credits: Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! GET MORE BUZZFEED: SUBSCRIBE TO BUZZFEED NEWSLETTERS: BuzzFeedVideo BuzzFeed’s flagship channel. Sometimes [More]
WELCOME BACK! SO incredibly happy you’re here. 2020 IS THE YEAR, FAM. LET’S DO THIS! I hope you enjoy this Q&A I filmed right around Christmas time. PLEASE keep in mind – this is my [More]
Hey Nurse Fam! In this video I’m sharing some of the most important information to know before you decide to become a registered nurse from a pediatric nurse! XO Lexi CHECK OUT MY BLOG [More]
7 things I WISH someone told me before I started nursing school. For more information about Concordia University St. Paul: __ social ♥ Instagram: TikTok: mikiraiofficial blog: Shop all my favorites–Amazon: [More]
Hiiiii guys, i finally graduated nursing school so i decided to vlog little bits of it and make it into a video. I also answered some of your guys questions at the end! thank you [More]
An old man embarks on a midnight heist to reunite with his sweetheart. Written & Directed by Samuel J. Queen Loyola Marymount University • School of Film and Television • Bachelor of Arts thesis film [More]
A touchstone check in to remind you of the value of your work
“Throne Of Bones” by Wett Nurse Wett Dreams EP Most Excellent Records Matthew Lynch- Guitar, Vocals Anastasia Vlasta Greer- Organ Jonathan P. Bloom- Drums Tommy Eaton- Bass
Nurses at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center went on strike on March 2, 2011 for enforceable safe staffing ratios. A Dog Park Media Production Music: Arthur Russell
When a bitter old man is abandoned in a decrepit nursing home, he discovers that his only link to the outside world is his roommate’s small bedside window. How far will he go to get [More]
Enjoy a brief overview of Jean Watson’s life journey as she describes her childhood and early intentions of bringing more humanity into nursing and the world.
Why do nurses from around the world volunteer with Mercy Ships? Watch as some of our best medical alumni explain what makes the experience of working on board the Africa Mercy so special. If this [More]
Whilst diving the rare and exclusive wreck of the Rocus a ship sunken on Horseshoe Reef the 16th largest coral reef in the world, located in the North of the British Virgin Islands. We encountered [More]
TUNE IN ONLINE FOR the 9TH UB RADIO show MAY 3rd, 2012 from 7-9 PM (USA Pacific) 03:00-05.00 Friday, May 4th (GMT) with hosts Ninah Pixie & dAS (Big City Orchestra)
A in-class practice game and app to aid nursing students in conducting a comprehensive health assessment. Designed with Rachel Goh and Cecilia Lim, in collaboration with Alice Lee School of Nursing Studies.
On June 23, 2012, Nina Hagen and her team at El Dorado Farms grafted a two month old foal to Star, one of the nurse mares at the farm. The foal’s mother had died and [More]
Graduates of the Mount Wachusett Community College Nursing program receive their pins.
Nursing home “shinjuen” (Saitama prefecture, Japan)
Over several years of preparing NCLEX candidates and nursing students for their exams, we have developed a process for students to master as they approach NCLEX-style questions, we call this D&D’s “MINE DEEP” Approach to [More] your students everything they need to actively learn how to apply research to nursing practice.Updated to reflect the latest innovations in research methods, this worldwide bestseller helps students learn how to read and critique [More]
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Thinking about travel nursing? In this video I will cover LOTS of information such as the process of obtaining a contract, housing, pay, scheduling, the flexibility of travel nursing, and pros/cons. #travelnursing #travelnursepay #rn Subscribe [More]
Live time reaction to getting my first nursing paycheck !
Hey babes! Just wanted to vlog a typical day in the life on a work day! Hope you enjoy xox MY MORNING ROUTINE: INSTAGRAM: @ambergoodfit SONG: Dreams – Joakim KaruD
I had too much fun for this being pretty much just a informative meeting. I’m way too excited for what’s to come 🥰
Hey guys! This is a bunch of vlog footage I never got to upload throughout the semester! I love you guys! INSTA: madisonmikayla101
Hey everyone! Thanks for clicking on this video! Today’s video is the things nobody really talks about in regards to nursing. I wish I had known these things before becoming a nurse. I enjoy being [More]
A Day At The Parish Nurse Clinic, St. Paul’s Community Outreach Center in Ohio City, Cleveland, Ohio. The Clinic provides Health Care, First Aid, Supplies and Referrals for clients who are without shelter. Learn from [More]
Integrative education immerses students in an enriched environment that reflects the complexities of life. Creating a reflective and transformational space where students are invited to explore multiple perspectives, engage in multiple ways of knowing, and [More]
A mix of fiction and documentary. Shooting for three days in real hospitals with all real nurses and incredible actors portraying the patients. Impossible without the support of Buckingham Healthcare Trust, Stoke Mandeville & Wycombe [More]
Hello everyone! Thank you for being so patient in waiting for content! Transitioning from a nursing student to a nurse has been quite the whirlwind! Comment below what other videos you’d like to see me [More]
WELCOME BACK! I am so happy you clicked on my video! This video is honestly just ME going through my 3 night stretch. Some people LOVE doing 3 and getting them out of the way [More]
How to go up stairs with crutches, and go down the stairs with crutches: live video demonstration. In this video, we demonstrate going up the stairs using crutches, as well as going down the stairs [More]
What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming A Nurse. In today’s Video we will discuss just that! I’ll go over the reality of nursing, the good, the bad, and everything in between. The reality of [More]
Here’s the day in my life you guys requested! I hope you have a wonderful weekend 🙂 Drop me a comment and say hi! ____ social ♥ Instagram: TikTok: mikiraiofficial blog: Shop all [More]
Så här kan du amma i en så kallad vävd bärsjal. Du hasar bara ned barnet lite grann i sjalen, här visar jag hur jag brukar göra.
Can a nurse shark heal a reef?
Roles; Director, Producer, Writer, Editor Additional credits: Producer: Tony Mendoza Writer: Tony Mendoza Director of Photography; Antonio Santiago Stylist: Lora Michael Editor: Felix Piñeiro VFX: Jeff Dwyer The players: Irene Marquette, Peter Renault, Aarón Alonso [More]
This session was presented at the Second Hepatology Nursing Masterclass on 14 May 2012. The masterclass was conducted at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and attended by nurses from throughout NSW. The Masterclass aimed to provide [More]
See Behind the Scenes of Lighting here: Nurse Kennedy Film Credits Production Cullie Poseria Direction Evan Haigh Cullie Poseria Written by Evan Haigh Thomas Rodgers Played by Timothy Guion Smith Nurse, Ms. Kennedy, and Demon [More]