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Nutrition studies are really, really bad a lot of the time. Sometimes researchers don’t do careful work, and the systems in place don’t always prevent weak research from being published. Add that to the fact [More]
Constant exposure to our environment, the things we eat, and stresses from both inside and outside our bodies all cause us to age over time. This film explores those biological processes of aging, how we can [More]
This video describes all the services that the Food and Nutrition department is responsible for at Texas Children’s Hospital and Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women
Joint pain and stiffness are common complaints doctors hear from patients. Personal health advocate Carrie Bloemers says, arthritis is a common problem that can lead to joint swelling and pain. “It’s really uncomfortable and it’s [More]
Thank you for joining us in this eight-part series on pancreatic cancer. In the last video of the series, Ramesh Ramanathan, M.D., medical oncologist at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, and Marcia Larson, registered dietitian at [More]
Want to decipher a nutrition food label? Nutritionist Greg Salgueiro from the Women’s Medicine Collaborative in Providence, RI recommends starting at the top with serving size and servings per container. That information can then be [More]
A healthy plate is an easy way to control portion sizes. Fill half your plate with nonstarchy vegetables, one quarter with lean protein, and one with whole grains for a healthy eating plan.
Join UCLA registered dietitian Mary Galindo, MPH, RD, for a discussion about how to create a delicious plant-based nutrition plan. Learn more:
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In the United States, one in three adults is at risk for developing kidney disease. Risk factors include diabetes, hypertension or high blood pressure, family history of kidney disease, heart disease and recurrent urinary tract [More]
Is there really a “best diet” for cancer prevention? Nutrition is an important part of cancer treatment. Eating the right foods before, during and after treatment can help you feel better and stay stronger. This [More]
Added sugars are the syrups and sugars added during the processing of foods and drinks. And according to the FDA, Americans are consuming added sugars in amounts that exceed recommended limits. On the old labels, [More]
On the Mayo Clinic Radio podcast, Kristen Frie, a Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program registered dietitian, explains the new Nutrition Facts labels. This interview originally aired Jan. 4, 2020. Learn more about the Nutrition Facts [More]
The new design of the Nutrition Facts label is meant to make it easier for consumers to make informed food choices. One of the most noticeable changes is the calories are now in a larger, [More]
The SPAR Nutrition Zone provides useful information about the foods we eat on a daily basis and offers advice on how to live your healthiest, happiest life to the fullest. The website ( also gives [More]
Onsite athletics training for kids at the European Athletics Indoor Championships in Belgrade, 3-5 March 2017 SPAR International once again partnered with the Female Coaching Network (FCN) to run the SPARK Kids Athletics Park (SPARK), [More]
Dr. Robert Teeter, a nutritionist from Oklahoma State University, discusses the benefits of vaccination for improving nutrition efficiency and poultry health.
On today’s episode of Man to Man, we sit down with George Lockhart, founder of FitnessVT and the UFC’s most sought after nutritionist and weight cutting expert.
Dr. Joel Fuhrman, leading nutrition expert and best selling author presents this latest landmark research into curing and preventing many chronic diseases through nutritional excellence using a plant based diet.
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“Food for the Fight” is a video from NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital that offers advice about nutrition for cancer patients. The video provides guidance on the importance of nutrition while undergoing treatment for cancer, advice on what [More]
Top 6 Worst Breakfast Foods & Healthy Alternatives for Nutrition & Weight Loss ♥ Start Your Two Week Free Trail ♥ Help Support …
Sports nutrition and hydration for youth athletes-understand the science of how athletes should eat. Athlete’s diet optimization presentation from UCSF Benioff Sports Medicine Center for Young Athletes. Physical Therapist Assistant Athletic Trainer, Strength & Conditioning [More]
Truth About Carbohydrates & Sugar | Nutrition, Weight Loss, Glycemic Index, Psychetruth ♥ Start Your Two Week Free Trail ♥ Help Support This Channel ♥ Subscribe To Our Podcast #WellnessPlus #CorrinaNutrition #HealthTips [More]
Food labels give a few nutritional values based on a standard 2,000 calories per day, but you can also calculate the percentages of each nutrient on your own. See how it’s done in this free [More]
As a busy project manager, quite often I’m so pre-occupied with looking after all the tradies on site, that often I forget to look after myself. Its very easy to let your health suffer a [More]
Join Kimberlee Brooks, ASDCSE’s Sports Dietitian, at the grocery store. Learn what food choices are best to buy to fuel your athletic performance.
This program explores the importance of animal nutrition and animal welfare as a continuum of the food chain.
“Healthy lunches” is a film that raises awareness about nutrition and good daily eating behaviors. Directed by Cyril Izarn (, & Pat Grivet ( Music & sound design: Pauline Le Caignec Production: Healthy Films [More] Molecular Aspects of Alcohol and Nutrition is a valuable resource for nutrition researchers and nutritionists who study or treat alcohol-related diseases. Experts from across the field of alcohol research explain how alcohol disrupts normal [More]
Starting a good nutrition plan is a key part of helping new moms get ready for their babies. Jackie Bender is sitting down with holistic nutritionist and fitness chef Ashley Pettit to learn the top [More]
Be My Friend – Nutrition by Natalie Nutrition and Your Mental Health What does nutrition have to do with mental health? You might be surprised to find out the truth behind what happens when [More]
Dr. Suzan Carmichael and Dr. Betty Shachar of the March of Dimes Prematurity Center, Stanford University School of Medicine. Your Child’s Health University lecture held at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford, November 2014. Learn more [More]
To learn more about updates to the Nutrition Facts label, read this FDA Consumer Update: The new serving size is based on the amount most people actually eat and drink today. Calories, the number [More]
When we think about eating healthy, many of us assume that means going on a diet. But that doesn’t have to be the case! Jane Monzures is meeting up with Stephanie Fiorentino of Food Wonderful [More]
Fit Facts: Food and Nutrition Believe it or not, snacks can be part of a healthy diet. Smart Snacking helps you avoid over-eating later in the day. Learn more at
To help us meet our nutritional needs, it’s important not to exceed 10% of our total daily calories from added sugars, according to The Dietary Guidelines for Americans. But this can be challenging because sugar [More]
This is a video of my ‘fitness and nutrition as a lifestyle’ presentation and Q&A with the staff of Eastlake Community Church (my Church home–Thanks to the amazing staff there for giving me this opportunity [More]
Dr. John Agwunobi, Herbalife’s Chief Health & Nutrition Officer, explains why the science behind the products makes Herbalife stand apart from the rest.
Healthy growth and development are the basis of human development. Malnutrition has a negative impact on economic and social development and perpetuates poverty through direct losses in productivity, indirect losses from poor cognitive function, poor [More]
Join Dallas & Melissa Hartwig, founders of Whole9 (, creators of the original Whole30 program and the authors of “It Starts With Food,” for an interactive, un-complicated, fun (really!) workshop designed to teach you everything [More]
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Dr. Celine Heskey is giving nutrition tips to prevent your risk of developing type 2 diabetes and manage your weight.
La educación nutricional es una prioridad indiscutible para generar más oportunidades para las poblaciones de bajos ingresos, para generar un mercado inclusivo que genere oportunidades para todos en el sector nutricional. No obstante existen muchos [More]
Curious about what an IIN education is all about? Check out these sample lectures from a few of the world-renowned guest speakers in our Health Coach Training Program curriculum. Learn more about the Health Coach [More] cancer patients to improve the quality and quantity of life. Translated into Japanese and Chinese, this book is a home study continuing education course for registered nurses. This edition includes a 72-minute audio CD [More] The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook( Over 300 Delicious Whole Foods Recipes Including Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Soy-Free and Egg-Free Dishes) Binding: Paperback Author: AlissaSegersten Publisher: GrandCentralPublishing
Another day, another vegan propaganda film on Netflix. Nothing wrong with a plant-based diet, but docs like “The Game Changers” distort science. Here’s how to avoid getting suckered by nutritional “fake news.” A great resource [More]