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This week, Ten with Ken visits Fleming College, in Peterborough Ontario, where Ken Steele and president Maureen Adamson discuss the labour market needs of the fourth industrial revolution, and the need to prepare college students [More]
The 2009 National Summit “Sustainable Globalisation: Will it Survive the GFC?” critically examined the impact of the first global recession since World War II on long-standing issues concerning globalisation, including global governance, labour standards and [More]
Mae Vin is determined to make the most of her scholarship. On top of her academic workload, she holds down TWO jobs, and also finds time to act as president of her Faculty’s Economic Society. [More]
UF’s part time job fair is this Thursday! Come check it out!
Throughout history, mankind has battled slavery in every nation, but this evil was never part of God’s plan.  Most people think of slavery only in terms of race, but there is another kind of slavery [More]
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Young eager part-time reporter, dissatisfied with working two jobs, gets in over her head with her head with her most recent story.
The Lord is whispering to many that it is time for the Esther generation to rise. We are part of that Esther generation – ordinary people (men & women) positioned in strategic places – in [More]
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Learn More: There was the time when one wage was enough, but in recent years at least one person in the family need to work with jobs to do from home UK companies to [More]
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As employers seek more control over labor costs, the number of part-time jobs has soared in the post-great recession period. But increasingly erratic work schedules — an attempt to squeeze maximum efficiency from every part-timer [More]
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Three TransCanada employees, living in Nebraska, share their stories of TransCanada’s longstanding commitment to the Cornhusker State and building the safest pipeline in America. TransCanada’s Keystone XL Pipeline will create jobs and contribute to the [More]
Part-time, contract bookkeepers wanted for Canadian virtual bookkeeping firm.
A Texoma pilot gives his time, talents and resources to help medical patients get the specialized care they need. He donates trips through the nonprofit organization, Angel Flights. His generosity is what makes him our [More]
In 2014 Adam Dunsby said, “I put in 45 to 50 plus hours” as Easton’s First Selectman. Meta Schroeter asks how Dunsby will be in two places at once if elected to the General Assembly. [More]
We were asked to produce an app animation explaining the benefits of a university’s initiative concerning student employability! ———————————— For this project our client was the team at the University of Wolverhampton’s ‘The Workplace’ – [More]
The NYC Department of Transportation released Strategic Plan 2016: Safe*Green*Smart* Equitable in the fall of 2016. The updated plan describes how safety and public realm strategies, freight plans, asset management, and public engagement all play [More]
“There’s an incredible housing crisis in the States,” says Jon Young, co-director of the Community Empowerment Fund. “There is such a web of overlapping issues around housing, around employment, health, race, history – around wealth [More]
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DrupalCon New Orleans – May 10, 2016 Jeff Walpole, Phase2 CEO The largest and most influential companies, non-profits, universities, and governments in the world are using open source to create value within their organizations. These [More]
A man contemplates his life. “The Traveller” directed by Joshua Hoareau, starring Chris Masters Mah, music by Richard LaBrooy. Sci-fi Philosophy festival film. This film recently got screened at Connect Film Festival – Melbourne Screening [More]
MIGHTY_KONGBOT – IL POPOLO DEL NO (THE PEOPLE OF NO) We are the 99%! We have heard that so many times in last past years. There are pages all over the web claiming that 99%. [More]
When they were on vacation, Brent and Daniela visited Prague. A friend told them to visit the church started by Jan Hus. He was the most important person to ever come from Prague, lived 100 [More]
Here’s a clip from the documentary, MALPASS BROTHERS: HEADING HOME, a one-hour show that tells the story of Christopher and Taylor Malpass in their hometown, Goldsboro NC. The Malpass Brothers are preserving the traditions of [More]
As we continue to break down the story of Job for greater understanding, we are reminded that Jesus is the truth. Everything we need to see or know about God, we see in Jesus because [More]
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Part time jobs, an alternative for those who seeks extra income. Subscribe to the ABS-CBN News channel! – Watch the full episodes of Bandila on TFC.TV and on IWANT.TV for Philippine viewers, click: [More]
Didn’t have time to do a normal vlog today because my parents were here, so I shot this instead. Basically, the quality of your life is made up of the amount of positive experiences that [More]
Hello!!! In this video I show you what my typical school day looks like. Lots of running around BUT STAYING HUMBLE. If you liked it, leave a thumbs up or a comment below! Products Mentioned: [More]
heres me talking about a n o t h e r existential crisis that I’m having. actually its not that bad I just hate working lmao and it seems like working is all we do [More]
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What can I say, well, I can say holly cow, WHAT A SHOW! On the heels of a disappointing turnout last year for the Metuchen Rescue Squad Benefit Car-Truck-Motorcycle Show, came this year’s absolutely phenomenal [More]
THE STAND-BY GENERATION (La generacion del estanbai) – Trailer – TWN *Best Short Film, Fine Arts International Film Festival, San Juan, PR* Shot in Puerto Rico, THE STAND-BY GENERATION explores the challenges of young workers [More]