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What are some of the dangers to my kids associated with Internet and what can I do?: Ethan Freest and Dylan Stewart (Technology Therapist, Mac Guru)
This video What are the dangers of obsessive-compulsive personality disorder? is from the series How To Spot The Dangers Of Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder
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dangers selfi Photos 10 That Prove People Will Do Anything For A Selfie Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this article, let’s altogether go over what a selfie is. It may seem [More]
Shot like Taking selfie on train is just only for creating awareness among people. Thanks to indian railways If there is any obligation or error in my content please be free to tell so that [More]
It’s a vacation nightmare as a passenger falls 15 stories off a cruise ship balcony into the pitch black sea. Fellow passengers could hear the woman screaming. Witnesses say she was taking a selfie during [More]
A Fordham University student fell to her death after climbing the campus’ famed bell tower over the weekend, just two weeks before she was set to graduate. Sydney Monfries, 22, was trying to take a [More]
This woman is out to make a statement about selfies or die trying. Stephanie Leigh created what she calls the “anti-selfie” by playing dead in photos all around the world, usually in scenic spots where [More]
Woman shares shocking skin cancer selfie to highlight dangers of tanning. Tawny Willoughby wants everyone to understand how she went from having glowing healthy skin to the woman pictured in a shocking selfie showing the [More]
Dangers of Periscope Live Streaming Apps Meerkat and Periscope Dangers 2015 HD Do you ever wonder about the effect of radiation from mobile phones on complex biological structures like your inner ear and even your eyes? Imagine all of those delicate complex parts of your mind [More]
A sunny day at the beach turned to fear for this sea turtle, which was apparently pulled from his home under the waves by beachgoers looking for a photo op. The photos show the turtle [More]
So this was a university project that shouldn’t have been made in the way it was. I had way too much fun with how people can die,
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A 35-year-old man died after falling from a 51.8m high waterfall. Surveillance footage shows he was climbing down the cliff face of the famous Gokak waterfalls, trying to pose for a selfie to post on social [More]
What programs will protect my computer from the dangers of the Internet?: Ethan Freest and Dylan Stewart (Technology Therapist, Mac Guru)
This video What are the dangers of the Master Cleanse? is from the series Master Cleanse Diet Dangers
After Ellen heard about the dangers of taking selfies, she decided to find some helpful safety tips.
Nowadays youths can live without food but they can’t survive without mobile. Survey says that 73 had died in India while taking selfie. New app has been invented to alert people to avoid such dangerous [More]
Today we’re talking about a physicist who had to sell his Nobel Prize to pay his medical bills. Susie reveals the disturbing story of the world’s youngest mom. We debate the Banksy art prank and [More]
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Politicians in Mexico are being targeted ahead of the country’s elections in July. The latest murder happened while one candidate was posing for a selfie. CBS News national correspondent Manuel Bojorquez reports. Subscribe to the [More]
In a world hooked on social media, people are taking more and more risks to impress their online followers. More people have died in the past five years from selfies than shark attacks. Angela Cox [More]
MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN follows the story of a group of high school teenagers and their parents as they attempt to navigate the many ways the internet has changed their relationships, their communication, their self-image, [More]
Abonnez-vous à notre chaîne sur YouTube : Qui n’a jamais rêvé du selfie parfait ? Vous allez voir que certains internautes sont prêts à toutes les folies les plus dangereuses pour avoir l’autoportrait le [More]
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Think before you take that next selfie! Last year, more people died from selfies than from shark attacks, and many more have been injured while taking their own picture. Faith Salie takes a look at [More]
I would like to discuss the consequences of women living in vainglory according to God’s word. ➜ Related Videos: How I Conquered My Low Self Esteem ➜ Related Blog Posts: Ladies, You Are More [More]
Senders don’t always know where images will end up, authorities insist. Jeff Nguyen reports.
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Edit and another story that has come around again of the dangers of taking selfies, in dangerous ways and locations. With hundreds of fatalities, it is now being looked at to ban selfies at certain [More]
The second of two animations which we’ve also shared on our Snapchat and Instagram accounts to raise awareness of the potential consequences of sending nude selfies. The animations were created after working with children and [More]
La tendance à se prendre en photo explose en Inde. Mais parfois le cliché peut coûter cher. Le pays possède un triste record : celui du plus grand nombre de décès liés aux selfies : [More]
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Produced By: Ethan Shippy and Reese Lovell
Online Teen Dangers: The Five Greatest Internet Dangers Teenagers Face And What You Can Do To Protect Them Click Here Obviously, the dangers of microwave radiation are very real. These devices can cause a variety of health problems in humans. Here are just a few of the possible health effects² related to microwave ovens: [More]
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When balconies and decks collapsing without warning, it’s terrifying. The disaster in Berkeley, California, earlier this week left six people dead. There are ways to prevent a disaster. Structural engineer Chris Krepcio of Merritt Engineering [More]
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Some people never stop pushing the adrenaline envelope, and unfortunately, these daredevils lost their lives while attempting some insane stunts. Here are a few notorious examples of stunts that went horribly wrong. Wu Yongning | [More]
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The actor known for his role as Breaking Bad’s Walter White has co-created “A Dangerous Book for Boys” — a wholesome, sweet, family series for Amazon Prime. “It’s a how-to book. How to embrace boyhood,” [More]
An Alabama woman’s graphic selfie of her skin cancer treatments goes viral to show the dangers of using tanning beds. Jen Markham (@jenmarkham) has the story. Subscribe to our channel: Buzz60 is designed for [More]
Taking selfies with wild animals is never a good idea. Reporter Olivia Bee shows you the top 5 most dangerous. Dangerous Selfies gone wrong are all over the internet, but the selfies with the most [More]
Atheism Kills: The Dangers of a World Without God – and Cause for Hope: The Dangers of a World Without God ? and Cause for Hope G.E.T Bo0K :“