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Five Japanese carpenters came to Boston that summer to reconstruct a Kyoto silkweaver’s 150 year old townhouse that had been packed in crates and shipped to Boston Children’s Museum. This first-hand observation of traditional tools [More]
This is my Portfolio for woodworking and cabinetry. Most of what you see is my own design. Made with my own sweat and blood. Thanks for watching!!
This course is based on workshops that have been developed by Master Woodworker, Paul Sellers over the last 20 years and taught to over 3,000 students around the world. Now it is available for new [More]
This is an interview I shot for No Coast Originals of David Stine. David is a third generation timber farmer and woodworker from Southern Illinois. He tends his forests, sustainably harvests his lumber and makes [More]
Боль и унижение в SketchUp
David Flammang has been building custom guitars for over 30 years. With an initial focus in cabinetry, woodworking was part of his life from an early age – learning the trade from his father and [More]
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Never miss a video or behind-the-scenes update: Our house build from the beginning: New to our channel? Click “Show More”! WHO WE ARE In 2015 we quit our lives in the city to [More]
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We visit furniture and cabinet maker Paul Girouard in his workshop in Sturbridge to discover how he’s turned his passions for woodworking and music into a line of handmade, finely-crafted guitars.
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“Building Simplicity” is a documentary project, currently being filmed, that follows Eric as he single-handedly builds an ocean-going trimaran, named Simplicity. Eric is a master-carpenter who started building Simplicity seven years ago inside an abandoned [More]
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Simon James shows how to cut a simple cove using a series of wooden planes including jack plane, rebate plane and No.12 round plane.
Music by 宮内優里( Presented by WOODWORK( Coordinated by Kazuhiro Naganuma( Directed by Tokuro Oka( USE GEAR : GH1,GoPro HD HERO 2,CANON FD LENS
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Incredible Woodworking Techniques Carpenters Skills Ingenious – Build and Install Doors Step by Step +
Probably one of the most asked questions I’ve gotten is how I got started woodworking! In this video I share with you how/why I started building furniture! FOLLOW ME on Social Media: Instagram – [More]
Everyone should watch this carpenter’s video. – Incredible woodworking techniques
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A short video showing the making of the Canadiano crafted coffee maker. The video is shot at Fishtnk Design Factory’s Toronto studio where the Canadianos are hand crafted, one piece at a time. More information [More]
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Wallpaper* invited the American Hardwood Export Council, architects Kolman Boye and furniture-makers Benchmark to create a towering structure of food plates as part of the Wallpaper* Handmade 2015 exhibition. The installation, which articulates the technical [More]
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#Tool #Homemade #BECREATIVE Welcome to our channel In this video i’am showing you how you can make tools which is on bolts so there is no fixed part you can modify when you want. Product [More]
#Amazing Techniques Woodworking Creative Smart Skills Working Easy – Art Of Carpenters On Lathe +
#Amazing Techniques Carpenters Woodworking Skills – Assembly An Antique Chairs In A Modern Style +
#Tool #Homemade #BECREATIVE Welcome to our channel in this video i’m showing you how you can use your jigsaw for sanding corners. Product links : Professional Camera Tripod : Xiaomi Mijia Mini Camera 4K [More]
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Interview with Phil Crennell, an artist woodworker specialising in Live-Edge furniture. Living and working in Auchenlosh woodland in the Heart of Dumfries & Galloway.
Drew Parrish operates a Barnes Velocipede Walking Arm Saw with foot pedals at the Splinters Fine Woodworking ( show in downtown Eugene, Oregon. My friend Amy Crehore shot this video. Saw owner: Curtis Short.
David Gowland shows the totem pole he carved out of red cedar depicting a bear holding a salmon at the Kitchener-Waterloo Woodworking and Craft Centre. Gowland has had a fascination for west coast native culture [More]
Larry Zampino, a Kadampa Buddhist teacher and marquetry artist explains his wood layering method and reveals the metaphors hidden within the beauty of the wood. Shot and edited by Christopher King. Endless Echo logo by [More]
#Woodworking #RoundTable In this video we make make extremely large round table from monolithic hardwood for a customer. Table legs are made from wood turning combined with carved wooden lions. It is great product! Contact [More]