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At Beko, we’re designing your connected home of the future, in which all your appliances work in harmony to anticipate and meet your needs. This future isn’t driven by gadgets or gimmicks. It’s based on [More]
With many of us now working from home to keep our social distance and slow the spread of coronavirus, there’s a whole new world of stressors and quandaries for parents of little ones. Luckily, Sue [More]
Companies around the world are asking employees to work from home amid the coronavirus outbreak. Silvina Moschini, Founder of TransparentBusiness, says that with transparency and structured work, productivity is actually higher at home.
A free video for people new to working from home to help manage the transition. Provided free to use by Global Integration to support companies and individuals coping with the CORVID 19 outbreak. Further support [More]
Commissioned by Wolff Olins, GRAPHIC HAVOC directed a diverse range of brand canvases for AOL ranging from live action, 3D animation and stop frame animations to richly executed, multilayered 2D animations. The motion canvases were [More]
*I’ve already been scolded by my wife about the make-up comment. Lighting is complicated, but this video should make it less so. A few things to think about: 1) Try to eliminate multiple light sources [More]
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Madrasi Presenting “Work From Home Galatta” Here we made just a attempt to show how the Work from Home will be in Funny manner, To make your time at home a little more relaxed!!!! #Workfromhome [More]
During #quarantine, work from home is not easy at all. Hearing about #workfromhome bring happy thoughts like chilling and working in your pajamas, continuously munching while working and even you can take a nap! But [More]
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Every week day travelling home from work. Camera is slotted into the ticket holder on the sunshade and deployed down, so the lens faces out the windscreen. After a couple years, only did I realise [More]
Piece of uni work. ‘Home is there the ____ is’ I used an hdr timelapse process to record places from my home town which stick in my memory. The colours and contrast from the high [More]
Lively ( gives older adults greater independence with a tighter connection to family. Lively’s activity-sharing product uses passive activity sensors that are applied to everyday objects in an older adult’s home and LivelyGram, which gives [More]
[always calling home] rock rituals, is a VR rock ritual performed by Mélanie Martinoli. Near earth asteroids (NEAs), are eternal matter wandering around us that existed within the original body, from which they got expelled, [More]
What is an Axia® Smart Active? The Axia® Smart Active is an ergonomic Axia 2.0 office chair that helps you achieve a relaxed and well-supported posture. But it is much, much more. It is a [More] Over 30 people came from over 14 countries to build an aircrete dome home for a local school in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The first pic seen in the video is from “Steve’s [More]
Dr David McIvor ( introduces his book, that provides discussion and tips on the many issues associated with working from home and other locations outside of the employer’s main workplace. It can also be a [More]
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Alison J Clarke How Things Don’t Work: Victor Papanek and the Humanist Design Agenda From the ManifestFest, the anniversary of the publication of Ken Garland’s First Things First manifesto, 22-23 November 2014, Warsaw, Poland Victor [More]
HD Digital video, 4 mins ‘Syncopation’ is based on ‘Home: A Structure on Trial’, by Polish poet, Rafał Gawin. The poem became symbolic of her partner’s recovery from heart failure, with the home becoming a [More]
Heading home before dark on the ST1300 from West Sedona
This ten minute version of “Finding Home” is a promo piece cut from the hour-long program. I was privileged to work with Tom Blair here at my facility. He’s a great editor. He was the [More]
Since September 2015, Conscious Impact​ has been working in the community of Takure in the Sindhupalchok district of Nepal, a region where the April and May 2015 earthquakes left devastating effects. Our mission is to [More]
Thursday, April 20, 2017 Michelle Grabner is an artist, curator, and writer based in Milwaukee. Together with her husband, Brad Killam, Grabner founded The Suburban in 1999 and the Poor Farm in 2009. These influential [More]
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Official Macy Kate Cover of “Work from Home ” by Fifth Harmony. This was requested by a lot of you! SUBSCRIBE for more! For more Macy Kate music click here! Available on iTunes, [More]
Chances are, you’ve seen Fifth Harmony’s Work From Home music video that has 280 million views and counting. I admit that I’ve contributed at a few dozen clicks to that insane number of views. Why? [More]
WORK FROM HOME – Fifth Harmony ft Ty Dolla $ign Dance | @MattSteffanina Choreography ▶ TUTORIAL: ▶ INSTAGRAM: ▶ WATCH MY NEW SHOW DANCECON: ▶ WEBSITE: ▶ BOOKING – ▶ [More]
Fifth Harmony & Ty Dolla $ign – Work From Home Guy Version by Rajiv Dhall Love this song! Did a dude version! Like if you like 🙂 Instagram: SUBSCRIBE and join me on at [More]
Fifth Harmony perform Work From Home in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge
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