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Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat Health Spa

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Mountain Trek’s modern timber frame lodge is located in one of the most beautiful environments on earth. The south-central interior of British Columbia boasts stunning lakes, lush forests, mountain views and quiet streams. But Mountain Trek is so much more than just a destination – it’s also one of the most successful health and fitness programs in North America.

Mountain Trek’s health program is designed to change the way you live. It is not a diet. It is not a fitness fad. It is a way of being, a lifestyle based on common practices of centenarian populations from around the world. These unique societies live in the mountains where they enjoy: Lots of walking and movement; Breathing fresh air; Drinking clean water; Eating unprocessed food; Minimized stress; Detoxification practices; Deep sleep.

Our modern urban lifestyle is currently robbing us of natural health and functional fitness. The Mountain Trek Way can help us reclaim our vitality and, ultimately, live better and longer by creating habits that promote an anabolic (active) metabolism. Positive metabolic change is a result of hormonal balance and the Mountain Trek Way incorporates holistic lifestyle components to help balance your body’s hormones by addressing the following areas:

Sleep • Fitness • Detox • Nutrition • Stress Management

By enrolling in the Mountain Trek Way program, you’ll create habits that promote positive metabolic change: you’ll choose attainable actions that support health goals, reward yourself when you succeed and then repeat those actions for enough time that they become as habitual as brushing your teeth. Soon you’ll find yourself waking up well-rested, feeling lighter, looking healthier and living with vitality.

The Mountain Trek Way: you deserve this.


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