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Should you tell your employer that you are Mentally Ill? | Employment & Discrimination

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This video answers the question: Should you tell your employer that you are mentally ill? The only real advice here is to see a counselor because there’s just too many variables in this type of situation to know what to do to. This decision requires personalized professional attention. I’m really just speaking generally about this topic now. One area I could answer here, and this is maybe a little bit unexpected, if someone’s not mentally ill then they shouldn’t tell their employer that they are mentally ill. Now of course that’s not what the question is getting at. The question is presuming the individual has a mental illness and they’re debating whether to tell their employer or not, but certainly I want to look at all angles. Sometimes people who have mental illness think about telling their employer about the mental illness with the hope of getting some sort of adjustment to their work duties, which is understandable. However, discrimination against those with mental disorders complicates this decision.


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