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4/5 – From India to Ireland: Finding a job in Ireland

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In this final video we’ll provide you with advice on finding a job in Ireland.

Part time jobs

Full time jobs

Part time
1. Search websites such as, and Also, walking around Dublin,
businesses often place ads on the front of their premises.
2. Tailor your cv for each job
3. Look for jobs outside the city centre which are not advertised online as there is less competition
4. Try to get some job experience for the role you’re looking for even if it means working for 2 weeks
part time for free. This will also get you a reference from someone based in Ireland which is also
very important. This is more important for jobs like barista, pub or restaurant.
5. Build your social network. A lot of people find jobs in Dublin through friends

Full time
1. Websites to search:, and
2. Connect with a number of recruitment agents on Linkedin as they will often post jobs on their
status first before going to job websites or contact you directly with opportunities.
3. During your studies try as much as possible to get experience on your cv. Even if you have to do
internships. There are plenty of startups in Dublin who can offer you experience. It is essential
you have practical work experience on your CV for the role you’re applying for
4. Having a reference based in Ireland is very important. Often companies do not accept a reference
from outside of Ireland & the UK.
5. Tailor your CV to each job description and ensure your CV grabs the attention of anyone reading
it. Exclude any information which is not related to the job
6. During the interview try to convey as much as possible your interest in the role beyond being paid
as well as the qualities employers would want to have in an employee.


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