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Art Is Forever

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From February 2020, The Department of Arts will disappear and its functions will be consumed by the new super agency called The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications. The importance of the Arts should not be so drastically diminished and hidden away behind transport and infrastructure.

“We are three of the one million people employed in the Arts in Australia. As Australian artists Ben Allan Acs Csi, Carlo Giacco and I created, produced and self-funded this one-minute film because we want to remind the Government that the Arts is a highly skilled and experience driven industry that not only makes a substantial impact on economic growth, but is more vital to a nation’s identity than its roads and bridges. Art is not infrastructure. There is no innovation without art, there is no inspiration without Art. Australia needs Art.”………………Clara Chong, Director

“This is sadly symbolic of Government treating the Arts as something trivial and frivolous, when in fact it’s an industry that contributes over $100 Billion to the Australian economy and employs more people than mining. Government support and investment in the Arts benefits the nation and the economy, but unlike many other industries, the Arts are a growth area that will provide jobs and exports well into the future.”………………Ben Allan ACS CSI, Producer

“The Arts are the heart and soul of our culture & wellbeing. The Arts are our heritage and the path to our future. Empirical studies link the arts to the development of critical and creative thinking in our kids. But what are we giving our kids? Give the Arts the important they deserve. Art is forever”………………………Carlo Giacco, Composer

What will it mean to be Australian without art?



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