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Pandora’s Box

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Film by: Toon Westra & Thijs Beukers

Greece has way too much public servants. Therefore Greece was hit hard by the financial crisis. Greece had to change her policy dramatically, but the problem in Greece is that it is by law very difficult to fire public servants. That is the main reason that the public sector in Greece is very inefficient.
Public servants work a lot with forms and aren’t using computers very much. Often they are sitting behind their desks waiting to go home. Servants are corrupt and the sector is not productive at all. Corruption is part of the Greek culture. Everyone has to deal with it. In Greece people have to wait for years before they can get just any permission, but if you give a small envelope with money in it (fakelaki), the whole procedure is done much quicker. When people support political parties, they get jobs in the public sector (rousfeti). This situation is one of the main reason for the bad financial weather where Greece is in. Meanwhile, it is increasingly difficult to find a job in Greece, currently in government are no longer accepted new people. There are too few investments in the private sector. Yet there is hope for the Greeks. The young generation sees the problem and want change, they turn away from this corupt method. The situation is so bad right now, it can only get better, this young generation wants to settle corruption and provides Greece hope for a better future.


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