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5 Horses, 5 Riders, 615 Kms in 10.5 Days | Longest Horse Ride In India from Barnala to Pushkar Fair

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Thanks to Manu Sekhon of Baba Stud Farm for providing some clippings (Courtesy Mr. Manu Sharma, who was also a member in this group of Long Riders who achieved this incredible feat) of this amazing long journey that has set a new record in India. With the mission to promote this amazing Marwari Breed of India meant for long riding purposes as also to promote the hobby of Horse Riding and encourage youths to learn this amazing skill that makes them more disciplined.

Mr Manu Sekhon and his team started their journey from the Param Gill Stud Farm that is located in Barnala in the Indian State of Punjab. They rode through a distance of 615 Kms from October 24, 2019 morning through November 3, 2019 evening, taking 10 night halts as also the customary breaks for breakfast, lunch and to attend to nature’s call.

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