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My Brother Rides My Horse!

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Thanks Leo for being such a good sport and Princey for looking after him!

Hey guys! My name is Gracie and welcome to my channel – Pony Nuts! On my channel features 4 ponies – my superstar grey 13.2hh Connemara gelding Dan, who is now out on loan but is pretty cool and can also be quite cheeky (as you’ll soon find out if you watch my videos!), my other grey Connemara Prince, a 14.2hh, 9 year old (literally a younger, taller Dan!) who I event with and has a very comedic personality that is bound to make you smile! The only problem with these two is…you may not be able to tell the difference between them! My grey gelding Johnny also features, along with my mum’s dun colt Rocco, who are both Connemara youngsters from Ireland. I will be *attempting* to make you laugh as well as informing you about horses in general and sharing with you my riding story, so make sure you click that subscribe button to become a part of the team!
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