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Business Certainty: M & P to the Rescue

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This is a quick animated video referring to how Mom & Pop Business Funding is coming “to the rescue” of small and midsized businesses across the nation just like the “superheroes” you’ll see in the video, if you watch it. It’s cute. Not the best video in the world, but still … delivers the message and does it in a creative way. It’s an important reminder. We’re real and we’re fast. We also approve businesses every day that have credit issues, previous bankruptcy, or maybe have been turned down by another lender or banking institution (or are still waiting for their COVID-19 “stimulus check” that’s probably never coming. We really can help. Who’s the superhero now?

At Certainty Management, we empower our clients with fast, unsecured working business capital, personal and business debt elimination (via the award-winning Money Max Account program), solar funding and ownership through our installation partner, Powur PBC, and tax-free retirement solutions from our talented friends at Freedom Equity Group.

Do you need funding for your business? Our lending partner, Mom & Pop Business Funding, has helped over 170,000 customers borrow over ten billion dollars since 2007. We can lend up to $2MM per round, and will typically have funds deposited in your account in less than 5-7 days.

How would you like to be debt-free in a fraction of the time? We can help make this happen as well. Imagine, retiring all of your debt, even a 30-year mortgage, in a third the time! Our debt-freedom partner, United Financial Freedom, has helped over 70,000 customers eliminate over two-billion in debt over the last decade-and-a-half since inception.

And then there’s solar. Who out there is still interested in “renting” their electricity and paying ever increasing rates each year from their utility when there is a better, less expensive, option? With solar, you own your power, pay less every month, and enjoy a fixed monthly payment that never goes up again, as mentioned. It raises the value of your house and helps it sell more quickly when you’re ready to move. It’s good for the planet as well, helping contribute to a healthier future for our kids and grandkids. There’s really no downside. Let us know if you’d like a free analysis/quote.

Lastly, does retirement worry you at all? If you had a plan that is both risk-free and tax-free, that offers growth potential, guaranteed income, and a nice life insurance benefit for anyone left behind, is there any reason you wouldn’t at least consider a quote? It’s a much more CERTAIN form of retirement protection. Whatever your goals, it can help you get where you want to go.

These, then, are our primary Certainty Services and Certainty Partners. To learn more, please visit us at You can also call our office, Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm (PST), at 760 496 5561, or email us at

Patrick Laing
San Diego, California
God Bless Us All. In God We Trust.


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