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CAREERS IN BA ENGLISH – MA,P.hD,Teacher,Job Opportunities,Salary Package

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CAREERS IN BA ENGLISH.Go through the career opportunities of BA ENGLISH, Govt jobs and Employment News channel from – The No.1 job portal for freshers in India. Visit for detailed Career information,Job Opportunities,Education details of BA ENGLISH.
Bachelors of Arts in English is a much sought after field among students in the recent years. There are some really good career opportunities too for this field of work. Let us first discuss the opportunities available to you in an academic point of view. You can further your education in English by choosing a wide range of master’s degrees available to you. You can choose to get a master’s degree in English literature, and you need to understand that many universities demand at least a master’s degree to gain entry to any department as a full time faculty member. You can also choose careers in mass communications. Owing to your proficiency in the language, you can be a suitable candidate for many mass communications programs. You can choose to study mass communications in journalism too. If you are interested in a corporate job, then a degree in MBA is the best option for you to move forward.
You can find decent jobs if you are willing to dive into the job market directly too. There are some good private sector and public sector jobs too. The trick is finding your own demands for the job. If you are looking for a job with a good scope for growth, then it is a better choice to look for a job in the public sector. Your BA degree in English qualifies you to many UPSC jobs, and BA in English makes you eligible to take the IAS examinations too. But, we all know that IAS is not every ones cup of tea. You can find a government job as a full time translator too.
There are other interesting streams you can explore. The most obvious of them is a career in journalism. If you have a flair for writing, then even a career as an author can be taken into consideration. There are many other jobs which require a strong grasp of English which are available in the job market right now. You can find work as a librarian too.
In the corporate market, you can find jobs such as public relations manager which requires a strong base in English. You can also find jobs as public relations manager in a few government sector jobs too. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from discovering any further career opportunities in this field. You can start your own institution to teach English, or you can start an NGO to teach under privileged kids English too.
You can also find lucrative jobs in the teaching field too. But, as I have mentioned before, you need at least a Masters degree to gain into a department at university level. But, there are quite a few career opportunities available to you at the school level. You can decide what the next option is, in your career while you work for a year or two as a teacher.

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