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Top Online Educational Resources – Websites | Content Platforms | YouTube Videos | Online Education

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The Video informs about the Top Online Educational Resources for the Students and Academicians.

In this Video We have taken a Look at Top Online Educational Resources

Taking into account of current situations and to ensure
that students can continue their studies at home, the
MHRD, UGC and its Inter-University Centers (IUCs) have
taken several ICT initiatives so that the learning process
can be continued through online learning measures.

Other than Mentioned portals, You can also check List of Important links and useful information for Students, Faculty and Institutions at

Visit through :

2) e-PG Pathshala –

Access through –

3) Swayam Prabha

Know more about Swayam Prabha at –

4) Shodhganga

Access through –

5) E-Shodh Sindhu

Access Through –

6) Vidwan

Access through –


Access through –


Access through –

10 ) DIksha

Access through – and official mobile App
of Diksha.

11 ) NROER

Access through –

12) E- Pathshala

Students Can access the platform through the website –
Or its official App E- Pathshala.

13) IBM

Access through –

14) TATA Steel

Access through –

15) e-CBSE

Access through –

16) Byju’s

Access through – Byju’s Mobile App

17) Harvard Online Courses

Access through –
Select “Free” in Price Filter.

18) Khan Academy

Access through –

19) Open Yale Courses

Access through – Access through

20) MIT Open Coursware

Accessed through –

21) eGyanKosh

Accessed through –

22) Vidya – Mitra

Accessed through –
Online Platforms for Online Classes
and Courses

Students can also access Online
Courses through these platforms – Most
of these platforms are offering huge
number of Free Courses also.

– Courseera
– Byju’s
– Udemy
– Unacademy
– Topper
– Vedantu

E – Print Archives

Student can also access the open E-Print Archives
– arXiv
Access through –
Access through
HAL Open Archive
Access through –

Students can also access the E-Books and online
resources through

– DELNET Database (

It offers access to more than 2 crores and 50 lakh record
of books, periodicals, articles, thesis and dissertation.
Students can ask for the login credentials from the
HOD of the respective Department of University of
Technology and Regional College

– National Digital Library
Students can ask for the login credentials from the
HOD of the respective Department of University of
Technology and Regional College

– E-Books Directory

Access through :
– BOOKBOON ( Access through : )
– OPEN LIBRARY (Access through :
Project Gutenberg
( )
Free book spot
Many books (
UNESCO Open Access publications

YouTube Platforms

a) NPTEL Channel

Access through :

b) CEC-UGC YouTube channel

Access through :

c) TTC Jodhpur

Access through –

d) RTUKOTA econtents


e) Education Online

Students can access the Educational Videos on
different topics through our channel –
Access through :

The Channel is made for providing Free Education and Online Education To All. We are in the process of tie up with Universities , Colleges and Coaching for Educational Videos to be featured on our Channel

Please Fill the Form in case if you are interested ! We Will Make sure that the Video reaches to maximum Subscribers.

This initiative is carried out by one of the largest education portals of India

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