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School-Wide High School PBIS: Messages from Successful Schools; Introduction

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In the summer of 2009, the OSEP TA Center for PBIS sponsored a high school leadership forum for successful high school teams implementing SW-PBIS. The purpose of that forum was to learn from the successful schools, and produce a monograph that would guide practitioners, trainers, and researchers as SW-PBIS continues to be adopted by more and more high schools. You can download the monograph at

This video is a companion to the monograph, but is not a duplication of, or replacement for the content in the monograph. This video features 4 high schools who participated in the forum, in addition to special guest commentary and analysis by the field’s leaders. In the respective chapters you will hear from administrators, teachers, students, and other professionals who support PBIS implementation in the respective schools.

There are 7 parts to the video: the introduction, the five chapters (Role of Administrators, Role of Data, The Academic & Behavior Link, Implementation & Sustainability Issues, and Secondary & Tertiary Interventions), and concluding remarks.

This video was sponsored by the OSEP TA Center for PBIS housed at The University of Oregon. Special Thanks go to Drs. Brigid Flannery, George Sugai, and Rob Horner for supporting this project. The video was directed, filmed and narrated by Michael Kennedy from The University of Kansas.


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