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The Colorful Bible Highlighting Chain (Lesson 1 of 7): Inspiration of the Bible

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I began highlighting Bible verses in color as a way to quickly locate the promises of God–promises I had neglected to learn in my youth. Shortly after failing to make the Olympics as a nineteen-year old, I began to realize the emptiness of sports, family, and success without God being #1 in my life.

My beautiful wife, Michele, shares a song after each lesson with the awesome Gulf of Mexico as her stage. There are 7 lessons in all: The Inspiration of the Bible; God’s Power in Creation; The Blood of the Lamb; The Sin of Man; A New Beginning with Jesus; We Are Part of a Family; and Evangelism–Sharing the Good News. May God bless you as we share His Word by the beautiful ocean! You may feel free to contact me at my current email address:


Bible Quotations: The New American Standard Bible, Copyright 1977 and 1995 by The Lockman Foundation, La Habra, CA. Used by permission.

Song Selection: “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”. Words and music by Helen H. Lemmel, Copyright 1922. Public domain and not sold.

Director of Photography, Leonard Chamblee

“The Colorful Bible Highlighting Chain”, Copyright 2005, Ron Bamburg


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