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On the fifth anniversary of Impossible’s first ever film release, Stephen Herchen, former Polaroid™ R&D chemist and Impossible’s Chief Technology Officer, introduces the story of Generation 2.0 film. B&W 600 2.0 film for Polaroid™ 600 [More]
For more details Visit: Yes, it’s all true… Today we can earn from 1$ to 100$ every day just by let our pc working for us. How? With the Digital Generation Project. Now let’s [More]
Throughout the years, computers have gotten smaller and smaller and thinner, lighter and faster. With the newest advancements, there is a new breed of thin and fast laptops being introduced to the market. They are [More] Join us for a 5 day festival on new economics at Schumacher College, April 2015!
Here’s a short film by Alexander Sukhodolov from this spring’s Next Generation Training course on the Soča in Slovenia. We get lots of internship & employment requests, and through this programme we are able to [More]
THE STAND-BY GENERATION (La generacion del estanbai) – Trailer – TWN *Best Short Film, Fine Arts International Film Festival, San Juan, PR* Shot in Puerto Rico, THE STAND-BY GENERATION explores the challenges of young workers [More]
Reggae and Rasta inspired Music – really vasilicious Best of Reggae Special – New Jamaican Rasta Generation (20/02/2015) “vasilicious” Reggae-Selection, the Best of World Reggae Tracks: 01. Torch – Good Reggae Music 00:00 02. Stephen [More]
Chamber of Indian Micro Small & Medium Enterprises (CIMSME) is an apex chamber of MSMEs. CIMSME represents the interest and issues of MSMEs to the Government and various Regulators. CIMSME is actively participating in Policy [More]
Jenna Albi is an inspirational Special Education teacher from Philadelphia who is constantly putting her students’ needs before her own. Jenna works two jobs to pay bills, and despite her financial struggles, she continues to [More]
Implementation of an RPA project for comparison of time taken to generate Motor Quote on each of the popular Indian Insurance companies website
The first in our new series of conversations with craftsmen about the future of their crafts. Passing on skills to the next generation is something that many craftsmen are passionate about. This conversation was filmed [More]
Six years ago the Tellería brothers (Aitzol and Andoitz), both professionals in the wood industry and fans of bicycle culture and mountain sport, joined up with fellow professional Enrique Ardura. Together, they were inspired to [More]
VÍDEO: Cars 3, nuevo tráiler – ‘Next Generation’ Extended Look
Get now : : Lisa Nielsen Best E-Book Teaching Generation Text: Using Cell Phones to Enhance Learning (Jossey-Bass Teacher) D0nwload P-DF